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A Personal Parenting Assistant to Survive Those Early Baby Years

  • Written by Andrea Edwards

When you have a baby your whole world changes, not only are you concentrating on feeding, changing nappies and generally surviving each day, but there’s also the bigger picture issues to worry about like vaccinations and the development of your child.


Mum of six and psychotherapist Cath Resnick knows all too well the demands of raising children

and how hard it is to keep track of milestones in those early years, so she set about developing a revolutionary platform to make life easier for all parents called Kindom.


“It’s an all in one tool to help simplify life and make sure you remember everything of importance, whether it’s at what age your baby took their first steps, or your next maternal health appointment,” Ms Resnick said.


“Facebook and Instagram are great for sharing photos and snapshots of your life, but before now there wasn’t a simple platform where you could also store key developmental details about your child as well,” she said.


“Kindom changes that, it allows parents to store and share photos and also keep track of a child’s developmental, health, medical and general wellbeing – something that becomes increasingly more difficult as you have more children.”


“There’s an insight feature that allows you to record and view a child’s height and weight changes over time and an in-built journal that lets you chart those magic first moments when your baby starts crawling or talking.”


“Any ongoing care issues like allergies or asthma, can be highlighted in the health summary which can be easily printed or saved as PDF to be given to babysitters, childcare centres or schools.”


“Importantly it’s also able to link with child and maternal health service schedules to ensure you’ll never miss another appointment or forget a vaccination.”


How Kindom can become your Personal Parenting Assistant;


  • Record precious milestones; your child’s first steps are something you think you’ll remember forever, but these early years can pass in a blur.
  • Chart child’s details like height and weight; in the early years it’s commonly kept in your baby book, but fast forward ten years and you may not even know where that is anymore.
  • Keep track of appointments and immunisations; Link it to your maternal health services and reduce the worry of missing a check-up or vaccination.
  • Circle of Care; choose who you will share the information with, whether it’s grandparents, carers or even health practitioners.


“Every family’s journey is unique and Kindom can be personalised to help link parents to relevant resources to help make their lives that little bit easier.”

Kindom can be accessed for free at



After 25 years of seeing nothing had changed for parents of children with developmental challenges experienced entrepreneur, clinical psychotherapist and mother Cath Resnick decided to do something about it. Partnering with co-founder Gry Stene, a software engineer with extensive experience in product innovation they launched KinChip Systems. After winning the WA Government’s Start IT up Challenge in 2016 they set to work on their flagship product Kindom – a technological solution to today’s overwhelming silos of information across health, education and social services.

The project is partnering with the Australian Digital Health Agency to integrate My Health Record – the national e-health record. Research partners include; University of Sydney, CSIRO, The George Institute of Global Health.


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