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Creating Your Own Casino Game: All You Need To Know

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Nowadays, many aspects of human life are duplicated in the virtual world. Work, education, entertainment, shopping — whatever you can think of is likely to be found on the Internet.

Casinos make no exception. New gambling sites are appearing, demand for online casino games is increasing. Tournaments are held daily, and bets are made all the time. All in all, gambling is in full swing.

So, if you decide to join this industry, you’ve found a lucrative market. Though, becoming a part of it means certain difficulties and expenses. Nevertheless, where there’s a will, there’s a way.

Create Your Own Casino Game

Before you have set your mind to develop an online casino game, consider all pros and cons. Creating a top-notch pokie or table game isn’t child’s play. In fact, it’s an adult game! But seriously, the process requires preparation and research. Moreover, it would be best if you had specialists of different profiles, including a software engineer and a designer. Your game should be entertaining, attractive, and mobile-friendly.

The process takes time, but at least we can help you with preparation. In this article, you will find all the steps necessary to bring your future game to the top.

Target Audience

Before you start developing a game, think about who will play it.

If you want to create an online card game, your target audience is likely to be serious males searching for an intellectual, skill-based game. Decide if you are going to create a regular table game or a live casino option. Though, the latter will probably be more complicated and troublesome if it’s your first project.

Speaking about pokie machines, these are popular among older female players. Take it into consideration when designing. For instance, you may create a simple but bright pokie with animals or fruit or develop an enchanting romantic story. Fairy tales may look alluring for the players. Though, males also don’t mind playing a pokie to relax after an exhausting working day. In this case, a Western or a classic online game may have success. In any case, estimate your target audience’s preferences, tastes, gender, and average age.

Then, after you have attracted Aussie gamblers, think about how to captivate them. We mean, after a while, some players may become bored. In this case, you can offer them different bonuses. The more entertaining your game will seem to the existing players, the more time and money they will spend on it, and the more likely they will be to invite friends.

Market Research

Before creating a game, you need to get acquainted with other providers’ gambling options. Thorough research can help you find out the disadvantages and advantages that gamblers notice in casino games. Therefore, you’ll be able to consider them while developing your own one. Furthermore, research will give you an idea of the top games and their unique features.

More than that, think about exclusive features that you can add to your game to make it alluring for Aussie players. Try to predict what the audience’s reaction would be like, and if this feature may help your pokie or table game become more popular than others.

In addition, vast knowledge of the market and its trends will help you predict changes in Australian players’ preferences. Therefore, you will manage to develop an online casino game that will become a hit in the future.

It’s also advisable to consider other markets. For instance, major platforms such as Facebook are likely to draw attention to casino games after a while. Consider this opportunity and plan your actions. Elaborate preparations will provide you with a significant edge over other game providers.

Getting Inspired Without Blind Copying

Have you ever got an impression while watching a film that you have already seen another one practically with the same scenario? The features used are also similar, but they lose in quality of realization and spectacle. A film that has blindly copied all the advantages of a bestseller is unlikely to deserve your praise. The same is true for casino games. A pathetic excuse for a trendy pokie or table games won’t please Aussie gamblers. On the contrary, such a pity imitation will irritate fans and make a poor impression of your company.

Of course, you cannot invent anything truly unprecedented and original. But drawing inspiration and copying others’ work are different things, and they shouldn’t be mixed up.

Try to create features that will distinguish your game from others. Existing providers have already produced exciting variants: video pokies, buy feature pokies, pokies played for cryptocurrency, and live dealer table games. Besides, they have calculated the best, from their point of view, number of paylines and volatility.

You can find the best online casino according to different reliable top lists and rely on their experience. But create your own model. What table games and pokies are marked as top ones? Why are they popular? What can you borrow, and how can you improve the gambling process? Sum up all your thoughts and notes and develop a top-notch game.

Nice And Easy

Nowadays, mobile devices have turned into pocket computers. All the necessary tools are always at people’s fingertips. Moreover, books and games are also at your hand. It’s no wonder that online casinos couldn’t have failed to create mobile versions of their websites. And, of course, suppliers try to adapt their games to smartphones and tablets. In addition, they take into consideration both popular systems: IOS and Android.

So, it’s an important issue that you should think about. In addition, the rules and gameplay shouldn’t take long to understand. On the one hand, it’s inconvenient to read long tutorials or click on various buttons on the small screen of a smartphone. On the other hand, players will get bored on the second page and try to understand everything in the process. And if they fail to do that, they lose interest, give up and search for a more straightforward game.

As you see, it’s advisable to create a comfortable and easy gaming option, which won’t cause any difficulties for gamblers.

Entertainment And No Disappointment

Imagine that you have created a game and run advertisements. Then, your casino game is released, and instead of rave comments, you get outrage and criticism. What’s wrong? The reason is that your game is full of malfunctions and bugs. That means that you must have forgotten about testing. How can you find the mistakes if you don’t even try? And that is an unpleasant situation. But everything can be fixed; furthermore, it is your first game.

Okay, let’s try once again. You have created a casino game, run ads, passed tests, and, maybe, even made an agreement with an online casino. You get great positive responses as well as many annoyed comments. Why does it happen again? Well, let’s have a look at these messages. People are complaining that they cannot figure out what they need to do. Okay, the possible solution is to add a tutorial. Have you done that? Even a simple game can cause certain questions, and you should provide players with the opportunity to read a short and illustrated instruction. More than that, Australian gamblers will highly appreciate it if you guarantee customer support to them.

Well, now the tests are over, the guide has been added, and the casino game is ready to be released.

Care About Players’ Opinion

Well, your pokie machine or table game is released, and you can finally forget about it. If any mistakes are revealed, well, you might take them into consideration in future. No outrage is listened to, and if something goes wrong, you can claim that it’s your first casino game. In fact, everybody makes mistakes.

If your approach is like that, then we have to disappoint you: you are unlikely to become a top-notch provider. And your next game, even if you consider all the faults and create something outstanding, won’t meet much enthusiasm after being released. You may be surprised. Moreover, you can remember the efforts and numerous advertisements. So, what’s wrong? Now, it’s obvious, isn’t it? If your attitude towards your previous casino game and players was so indifferent, gamblers expect you to behave the same way this time as well. And most likely, they are right.

Okay, you may be interested in what you can do to avoid such a situation. Well, you need to hear the response on your game. In other words, read the comments, answer them, consider constructive criticism, and fix the things you can. Appreciate Australian players’ opinions, and they will respect your attitude.

Marketing Policy

It’s highly advisable for you to make the future online table game or pokie noticeable before releasing it. It’s far easier to spread the news about the game when there are people waiting for it.

But you should meet the expectations of players. Therefore, make a preliminary study and decide what your target audience is, what are its preferences, demographics, and so on. Clarify what your game is like and about not to mislead and, as a result, disappoint gamblers. At the same time, make the announcement alluring: describe the game’s original features, awesome bonuses, the appealing design, and the significant number of paylines in case it’s an online pokie machine.

After that, think through the promotion campaign. Choose the tools and the advertising platforms that suit your goal the best. Remember that a top-notch marketing policy is a clue to popularity even for a terrible game. It’s all the more beneficial for a high-quality online casino game.


Now let’s talk about the most pleasant part of creating a casino game: the way you make a profit. To start, the game itself brings money to its developers. A developer gets commission for their game being made bets on.

Then, advertising may provide a good income. But you shouldn’t abuse this opportunity if you don’t want to repel customers. Imagine that your game is a hit, and you have several loyal gamblers that bet enormous amounts of money on your pokie (or table game, as you wish). You add a dozen ads and, let’s say, double your income for a certain period of time. Then, it will start to decline and, at some moment, will drop drastically. Most companies will stop paying you for advertising services, and others will demand more beneficial terms.

Let’s figure it out. Your players were constantly irritated by ads. First, new players opted for other games. Then, loyal ones sighed and changed the preferred game. Finally, the most devoted ones got ultimately disappointed and gave up. That doesn’t mean that you’ve lost all your Aussie players. But your audience has diminished. After that, your casino game became less alluring for companies that need advertising. Therefore, you should be careful when using this method of making a profit. If you are too greedy, it will do more harm than good to you.

A Reliable Helper

So, you have read all the steps and tips, you are full of determination and inspiration, and you still lack knowledge and experience. People always have doubts before taking serious action, and in such moments we need reliable support. And, considering a significant number of casino game developers and gaming options, special teams have been created. Development companies provide you with comprehensive assistance, including particularities of a certain game type, gameplay, design, and software. Together with professionals, you will discuss the bonuses, the number of reels and paylines for a pokie, and other characteristics of the future game, creating the online casino game you dream of.

Summing Up All The Tips

Now, you have learned everything you need to create a top-notch game. You have been provided with tips allowing your team to develop a trendy game, place your game on a website, reach out to the audience, and keep its interest. Moreover, you are aware of the skills you need and the features necessary for your pokie or table game to release a hit. So, if you are determined to try your hand, bring your A, and you will be likely to succeed.

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