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Common Beginners Mistakes at Casino

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Every gambler dreams about going into a casino and just destroying it by winning every jackpot, every blackjack hand, and every poker tournament. We all watched movies about famous gamblers or MIT blackjack team who terrorized Las Vegas back in the days, and we dreamt that one day we will become high rollers and big winners. The reality, however, strikes hard and it strikes on our pocket as all beginners will testify after surviving their first gaming sessions in online casinos. Dreams of glory are paved with small steps and rookie mistakes that ultimately make us better players.

We need to experience these so we could grow and gradually perfect our gameplay.

Beginner’s luck

If you heard about this expression, it is because it is a common occurrence among beginners who usually enter the world of online gambling without any plan or strategy. They come into play with a strong desire but a limited set of skills which often results in them losing all their money repeatedly, but on some occasions, even a rookie can score big time. This is what they can luck, and it doesn’t happen very often, but it gives every player a false sense of confidence in his abilities as a gambler. This causes players to engage in a loose plus aggressive play by beating more than they should and beating in situations when they shouldn’t be betting at all. This is a common mistake for those who try the American roulette for the first time by using a Martingale system.

After a few initial scores, they will lose their caution, thinking that money comes with every spin, which can only end by them losing their cash at the end. Roulette is a perfect example of this rookie mentality, but mistakes like these happen in all real money games like poker or blackjack.

Beginner poker players overestimate their bluffing skills or ability to read people so they end up short when facing more experienced opponents. Slot enthusiasts who hit one jackpot will usually lose all of it by trying to hit another one, so exercising cautious play is essential for evolving as a player. One shouldn’t rely so much on luck but on his skills and abilities plus a precise understanding of game strategies.

Using old tricks

This game is constantly evolving plus games are looking better than ever thanks to modern wonders of graphic engines and designs. Although so much information and educational material are freely available for beginners today, that wasn’t always the case. Players from Los Angeles to New Zealand were gathering knowledge of the old fashion way, by learning on their mistakes and other gambler’s advice. This process is facilitated by modern conveniences like YouTube tutorials or online gambling forums, where knowledge is shared constantly. This influx of new knowledge needs to be tracked by aspiring beginners because what was useful yesterday may not be useful tomorrow.

Even playing in a $5 deposit casino requires sharp skills if one dreams of making some money, and stale strategies just don’t work anymore as the game keeps evolving. This is most evident in poker where players are getting better every day, and constant learning and perfecting your craft is essential for surviving as an online poker player. Even the best $5 deposit online casino NZ has to offer features some fierce competition that is not to be taken for granted. You know the old saying that if you can’t spot the weakest link at the table, it means you are the one, so practice and stay in touch with the novelties and game development. The same goes for other games like American roulette where old systems just don’t work, and some different, unorthodox approach is needed to beat this game.

Bad budgeting

Entering a game with insufficient skills is one thing, and using obsolete strategies is another common mistake but not taking your game seriously is perhaps the greatest mistake of them all. All betting that you can afford must be planned according to your budget and available funds, and no one should bet more than he can spend. There is a popular misconception that playing with small sums won’t get you in trouble, but most players are chasing their losses in the hope of recuperating. This burns their pockets even more so planning your gambling funds is a serious step to be made to enjoy responsible gaming. For those who do not possess enough discipline for this step, there are several applications available that can monitor their progress during gameplay.

Most casinos offer this option or something similar to help one track his gaming progress as a part of their strategy to promote responsible gaming. Going all in instantaneously is just like playing with empty pockets, so careful spending and smart betting is an essential skill to possess. One thing that can increase your budget is a smart use of free bonuses or other gifts bestowed upon you by casinos with their promotional deals. Use these to the fullest as they can double up your initial deposits which is a great cash injection if you know how to use it. Most players do not take full advantage of this, which is a shame because it is a great way to boost your game to the maximum.


We know that online gambling can be fun, but some mistakes can cost you dearly. That is why caution is advised when playing with a special focus on budgeting, staying up to date with new game developments, and understanding that beginner’s luck doesn’t last forever. Master these principles, and we guarantee that you will save yourself a lot of money.


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