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The Top Favorite Aussie Casino Game - Mega Moolah

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Everybody already knows that Aussies love to gamble. However, their genuine love for casino games does not suggest that Aussies are known as gamblers. They just want to have a flutter and are certainly hoping for some good coming out of it. I mean, who doesn't, right?

Nowadays, since most of the planet went into lockdown, Aussies have made the switch from physically played games like lotto, the pokies, and poker tournaments to playing exactly the same games but in a more convenient way - online.

Although there is an extraordinary selection of casino games available to Aussies, they have their favorites! Hard to choose a single title because of the tens of thousands of online gambling games available. Still, there is one casino game known as Aussie's favorite pokie - Mega Moolah.

Found at Bodog Casino, one of the best in the class, Mega Moolah, on the first look, may seem like a seemingly dull choice. However, it still proudly wears the crown of Aussie's favorite pokie, mainly because Mega Moolah is one of the highest-paying pokies.

How and When Did Pokies Become So Popular in Australia?

Although the total numbers of online pokie games available for Aussies trespass the eighth thousand, the one-armed bandits, as Aussies often like calling them, only became this popular after the active development of the online gambling industry in the country.

If something isn't in danger of extinction in Australia, that's the pokies. While some online gambling giants are working on the recreation of the classic slot games and like to play the safest bet, others are being innovative and developing their own proprietary gambling software.

Still, the main thing that offers the development of new gambling software is the freedom to decide everything, from optimizing the principles of the game and rewarding the players with extraordinary bonuses to developing special features especially for the same.

To be more precise, the popularity of online gambling started growing rapidly only in the last ten years. Keeping in mind that most Aussies gamble at least once a year in slots, online table games, or betting, and if that number is over 80% of the country's whole population, we sure can see how popular indeed gambling here is.

More On Australians’s Favorite Game - Mega Moolah

Mega Moolah is not only popular among Aussies, but it's considered one of the most popular online casino games globally. One of the online casino sites where you can find Mega Moolah is Bodog Casino.

So what benefits can you have if playing Mega Moolah as a first-timer on Bodog Online Casino?

  • *  Signing up bonus up to $600 if following the conditions.

  • *  100% welcome bonus up to $1,800 if you follow the rules carefully.

  • *  Two separate loyalty policies, one for the slots and one made for VIP members.

  • *  Weekly bonuses and various giveaways.

  • *  Progressive jackpots for the slot section up to 10k.

  • *  24/7 customer support

With its appealing animal symbols and unique designs, the jungle-inspired casino game has quickly become the player's favorite.

The one thing that makes Mega Moolah so special is that the in-game jackpot is not a fixed but progressive one, meaning that as you play the game, the sum of your jackpot proportionately arises.

Mega Moolah Types

Currently, there are six different Mega Moolah slot games derived from the original online casino game. Those games are not that different from each other in the game's core, but the difference is in the design and the themes. At the same time, they all have the same progressive jackpot.

Although all of the Mega Moolah slot games in their core are all the same, you shouldn't start the game without first learning the basic principles.

Let's see how Mega Moolah is different from other pokies around here.

  • *  It has a relatively low minimum bet that qualifies for the top progressive jackpot

  • *  Guarantees that the winner of the progressive jackpot a prize of at least one million in the currency the winner has played. Keeping in mind that the Bodog Casino accepts BTC, imagine playing with BTC and getting the Mega Moolah Progressive Jackpot?

  • *  The longer you play the higher value the jackpot gets

  • *  Features two parts - the base game and the bonus game

  • *  The bonus game is a free spin one and offers a top cash prize in coins worth 22500.


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