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TOP online casino bonuses

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The casino bonuses offered by online gambling platforms are countless. 

Why do casinos offer bonuses? How favorable are the bonuses to the players? The multiple conditions of use of the bonuses are sometimes difficult to decipher and we propose in this article to disentangle the skein of these gifts.

deposit bonuses for online casino

The Casino Bonus Different Types

The bonus exists in several forms:

    * Bonuses with deposit and

    * Bonuses without deposit, which themselves come in about ten types of bonuses. Review of the most popular bonuses at online casinos.

Welcome or Registration Bonus

The traditional welcome bonus remains the preferred promotional offer for casino players. It is through this gesture that casinos attract new players and seduce them. 

But the welcome bonus is not an ordinary and inconsequential gift — more often than not, it will be necessary to win it at the cost of a few bets before receiving the benefit.

No Deposit Bonus

The deposit bonuses for online casino is arguably the most sought after by amateur players. It allows them to play for free and thus to train in new casinos or online games. 

The casinos that offer them to new players are confident — they are not afraid to invest because they are sure of the quality of their games; however, some players do not play for money and do not need practice — they are just passionate about the game and a virtual win is as valuable to them as a hard currency jackpot.

Free Spins

The free spin bonus is a bonus for the timid and newbie — but even the most seasoned players are clamoring for it! We like free spins because they are always to the advantage of the players. Unlike other bonuses, they are always good to take because they allow you to play for free, and possibly to win, without taking any risk. To know everything about Free Spins and to receive plenty of them.

Exclusive Bonus

An exclusive bonus is, as the name suggests, a bonus which is given to you exclusively, that is to say personally, and which is not common to all players at the time it is awarded to you. 

Loyalty Bonus

Loyalty bonuses are a special category of exclusive bonuses. They reward your time spent playing at the casino and the number of bets made or deposits made. Loyalty bonuses are therefore concomitant with your game. 

The more you play the more loyalty bonus you receive. These bonuses are usually expressed in points which can then be converted into real money. Their rate depends a lot on the casino. On average, it is estimated that 10 points constitute one euro.

Bonus Match

When you play casino bonus, a bonus match gets its name from the fact that it strictly corresponds to a return on investment, that is, it is determined precisely for each dollar deposited.


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TOP online casino bonuses

The casino bonuses offered by online gambling platforms are countless.  Why do casinos offer bonuses? How favorable are the bonuses to the players? The multiple conditions of use of the bonuses...

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