6 Factors to consider before buying playground equipment

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Are you planning to set up a kids’ playground? Do you have a plan in mind? Is the area finalised? What is the size of the area? How many structures do you require?


Plan and design the playground on paper first, and then start purchasing the required equipment.


Factors to Consider


The following are some factors which will help you to set up a kids’ playground:


  1. Location

Do you have a site in mind; under the shade, in a fenced area or close to the building? Flat areas are preferred for such structures because it is easier and safer to install. The selected area should have good drainage to avoid water getting collected under or around the equipment; interfering with its stability. Kids will always be kids, so avoid installing it on hard surfaces because frequent falls are inevitable.


  1. Scale

Every playground equipment has a particular scale for installation which includes the area it will occupy and the surrounding area that needs to be empty to make the experience smoother and safer. It is better to consult a professional or check the specifications before planning to install the equipment because if space is not as per the specified one, then you’ll be stuck in the puddle! The scale is also referred to understand the age group that the equipment is targeting; so read before you choose or install any equipment.


  1. Professionals

You need to find the right dealer and installer to ensure high-quality equipment and A-grade installation. Take adequate time before finalising a professional because if you get the correct one, you won’t have to worry about anything; from quality to installation services to maintenance. Consult experts before taking any decision to avoid errors and wastage of your hard-earned money.


  1. Budget

The purpose is not to install many structures, but to purchase only high-quality ones. So buy as per your budget. Allocate your money in different structures, according to your needs, and you’re good to go! Be in your comfortable budget and purchase wisely!


Are you looking for high-quality playground equipment in Brisbane.


  1. Safety features

There is a lot to focus on, like the following:

  • Children will fall from the equipment very frequently.

  • Accidents are a common thing when it comes to kids playing without any care.

Wondering what you can do about these concerns? You have to be careful before purchasing the equipment to look for the right structure with the right material. Firstly, the material of the equipment should be as per the age group, i.e. if the material is metal, then it should be wrapped in foam-like material to make sure it does not hurt the kids, or if the material is too delicate and the preferred age group is over 5 years old kids, then it may bend or break, which will injure the kids. Secondly, the edges should be designed in a way which lowers the chances of kids falling out from it. Lastly, keep in mind that the surface underneath the equipment is not hard because if any of the kids fall from it, they should not get severely injured. Safety should be at the top of your priority list.


  1. Maintenance

Every kids playground equipment requires routine maintenance, so make sure the equipment that you purchase can be maintained easily. The two major concerns in this regard are as follows:

  • The equipment that you are buying should have the option to be maintained by a local professional because you cannot call experts from other areas to visit and repair it, as it will be costly.

  • The routine maintenance cost should be minimal to avoid paying a fortune regularly because such equipment wear and tear very quickly, so it will be better for you to buy high-quality equipment that is expected to require less maintenance.



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6 Factors to consider before buying playground equipment

Are you planning to set up a kids’ playground? Do you have a plan in mind? Is the area finalised? What is the size of the area? How many structures...

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