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Achieving Facial Symmetry with Rhinoplasty

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The rhinoplasty cosmetic procedure, also often referred to as a nose job, has fast seen a rise in popularity. The nose is located front and centre on our face and can provide the foundation for a sense of aesthetic balance to our face. With the help of a skilled and experienced cosmetic surgeon, the nose can be refined to offer that symmetry that you are looking for.


What is the rhinoplasty procedure?

Rhinoplasty is a nose-reshaping cosmetic procedure. It can be used to improve the shape and size of a nose, as well as help with medical concerns like a deviated septum that may be hindering breathing. Quite often it is used to bring facial symmetry to a face that has otherwise looked offset due to the shape and size of the nose.

When the procedure is performed by a skilled surgeon, like those found at Academy Face and Body Perth, it can provide life-enhancing results. Patients often say that they feel more confident and enjoy looking in the mirror again.


What can rhinoplasty treat?

It’s important that each patient discuss his or her goals with the surgeon tasked with helping to achieve the results. The goals of each procedure are just as unique as the individuals who are electing to get rhinoplasty. With the reshaping of the nasal structure, including cartilage, bone and skin, the surgeon can help to receive some of the following results.


  • *  Transform a crooked nose into one that is straight.

  • *  Smooth down a prominent bump that is on the bridge of the nose.

  • *  Reduce the nasal tip length if it is over-protruding.

  • *  Narrow a nose that appears to be too wide.

  • *  Slim down a bulbous nasal tip.

  • *  Trim the size of a nose that is overall too large.

  • *  Restore symmetry to a nose that has been broken.

  • *  Open up blocked nasal passages to correct breathing problems.


It’s important that patients have realistic expectations about the results that they are hoping to see. While the surgery can help to bring symmetry to the face, it may not necessarily be that celebrity nose you’re hoping it’ll be. Your skilled and practiced cosmetic surgeon can help you to understand what is possible with the surgery and help you to get a nose that looks beautifully natural on your unique face.


What are the types of rhinoplasty?

All surgery is individualised, and the precise techniques that your cosmetic surgeon will use will be based upon your anatomy and the desired goals. Generally speaking, cosmetic surgeons will use one of the following surgical approaches.

Closed rhinoplasty. Incisions are made inside of the nose. This procedure is most often used for patients who need just minor adjustments to achieve symmetry.

Open rhinoplasty. The incisions are made just beneath the nasal tip and between the nostrils. This procedure permits the surgeon complete access to the structures of the nose. It’s the option considered for patients who are in need of more extensive work.

Tiplasty is the procedure used to shape just the tip of the nose, without impacting the other nasal structures. The open or closed approach may be used for a tiplasty procedure.


Who is a good candidate for a rhinoplasty?

The ideal candidate for the procedure is an individual who is looking to enhance the size and shape of his or her nose. The patient should be in good overall health prior to considering any surgical procedure. There should be no underlying medical concerns that could pose a risk during the surgical procedure.

There may be some health concerns that a nose job can correct. With medical clearance, patients will be free to transform their nose.

Approach your cosmetic surgeon with honesty and clear ideas as to the results that you’d like to see.

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Achieving Facial Symmetry with Rhinoplasty

The rhinoplasty cosmetic procedure, also often referred to as a nose job, has fast seen a rise in popularity. The nose is located front and centre on our face and...

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