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What are My Gynaecomastia Treatment Options?

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Gynaecomastia is a condition that leads to males developing enlarged breast tissue, causing physical discomfort and low self-esteem.

There are quite a few misconceptions about this disorder, particularly about the causes and treatment options, something this article aims to clear up.

Gynaecomastia – When Does It Occur?

This common condition can actually occur at just about any age of a man’s life but most men with gynaecomastia are usually between the ages of 50 and 70. Older men tend to have an increased risk of developing this condition because of potential hormonal deficiencies that occur with age. There are also certain supplements and prescription medications that are popular amongst older men that can cause this condition.

Along with older men, adolescent boys are also at risk of developing this condition but it will usually clear up as they get older. Unfortunately, if the condition doesn’t clear up on its own, the only other option is to seek out male breast reduction in Sydney.

Gynaecomastia – The Main Causes

A common misconception is that this condition is a result of obesity but this is not entirely true. Having excess fat is not the only reason why men experience unusual chest growth, in most cases, development of breast gland tissues is the real reason why men develop ‘man boobs’.

When there is an imbalance of male and female hormones, excess breast tissue starts to develop. When a male patient has higher levels of oestrogen than testosterone, the development of male breasts becomes more likely.

Over and above this type of imbalance, excess alcohol consumption, usage of specific prescription drugs and certain types of endocrine problems can all lead to the development of male breasts.

Gynaecomastia – What are My Treatment Options?

If a patient’s enlarged breasts are a result of excess fatty tissue, surgeons will generally recommend diet and exercise as a first step to improving the condition. If the condition cannot be improved by making lifestyle changes, male breast reduction surgery is the best option.

There is always the option of treating any hormonal imbalances before you consider surgery but this will only be able to prevent the condition from getting worse. Surgery is the only real way to get rid of the enlarged breast tissue for good.

There are a few different surgical options that male patients can consider to treat this condition. If a patient has excess adipose tissues, fat reduction surgery is the most effective option for returning the chest to normal. In more severe cases, a combination of surgical procedures will be required. In advanced cases, fat reduction, excision of the breast tissue and a breast lift are required to restore the chest to its original appearance.

Male breast reduction is quite similar to breast minimisation, so patients can expect surgery preparations and the recovery process to be very similar.

If you would like to consider surgery as a gynaecomastia treatment option, it’s important to find a surgeon that specialises in this procedure if you want to achieve the best results.

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