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What to Expect When Recovering from Gynecomastia Surgery

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Gynecomastia, also known as condition where men have excess fatty tissue and glandular tissue, resulting in the appearance of breasts. It’s quite a common occurrence amongst men of all ages and is the result of a number of conditions and medications.

Typically speaking, gynecomastia is the result of an imbalance between testosterone and estrogen. Estrogen can stimulate the growth of abnormal pectoral tissue. A number of medications and health concerns, such as some types of cancer, can also result in the appearance of swollen breasts. Excessive alcohol and the use of anabolic steroids are also seen to be responsible for gynecomastia.

The good news is that gynecomastia surgery, or male breast reduction surgery, can reduce or completely remove the excess tissue responsible for the appearance of breasts. All elective surgeries can bring with them doubts and worries. Knowing what to expect from your surgery can help you to make the right decision.


The basics of the gynecomastia surgery


During your consultation with your surgeon, the type of breast reduction surgery that will help you to best see results will be discussed. Your anatomy, the excess skin you may have, along with the glandular and fatty components of your breast tissue will factor into the decision-making process.

Some men require just minimally invasive liposuction to remove excess fat deposits, while others may require the removal of unwanted glandular tissue and loose skin. As a gynecomastia specialist from Perth, Dr. Anh has great experience in using the least invasive of techniques possible in order to define and contour your chest.


Recovery immediately following surgery


Directly after your procedure, your chest will be bandaged to protect it. You will be given a compression garment, which is designed to help control swelling while also helping to support your newly contoured chest.

Some patients may have surgical drains placed, to facilitate and encourage the removal of fluids as your body heals. Most male breast reduction surgeries are performed on an outpatient basis, so you will be able to return home once you have recovered from the anaesthesia. You should arrange for transportation from the surgical facility and ensure you have assistance at home for the first few days following surgery.

Patients generally feel tenderness and stiffness after the procedure. This can typically be managed with pain relievers.


Recovering at home after surgery


The gynecomastia procedure is still a surgical procedure; however, most patients find that it has a relatively gentle period of recovery. Patients are encouraged to rest at home for at least a few days following surgery. Pain is reported to be minimal by the third day of recovery, and most patients will find that over-the-counter pain relievers are sufficient for improving their overall levels of comfort.

Most men are cleared to return to work within a week of surgery, so long as their work does not involve heavy lifting or other manual labour. Strenuous or vigorous activity is discouraged until around the sixth week of recovery. Most patients find that they can return to their active lifestyles and workout routines within eight weeks of the surgery.


Potential side effects of surgery


The recovery and healing process will depend largely on the type and extent of the procedure. Following the postsurgical instructions provided by your surgeon will help to ensure that your recovery is as smooth as is possible. Some men may experience a temporary decrease or outright loss of sensation in the area that was treated. In the majority of cases, full sensation returns within a few months of the procedure.

There is always the very minimal risk of infection with every type of surgery. Be sure to alert your surgeon’s office if you experience severe pain, redness and tenderness in the area or bleeding that seems out of the norm.

Results of the surgery are noticeable immediately following the procedure, with the permanent improved results emerging as the postsurgical swelling gradually subsides. Your final and permanent results should be wholly apparent within just three months of surgery.


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What to Expect When Recovering from Gynecomastia Surgery

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