AHRIA - Husband created a skincare range for his wife and child

  • Written by Candice Meisels

Meet the Dad who was so worried about the chemicals his pregnant wife and baby were absorbing…

Forget perfume or flowers… this husband created a skincare range for his wife and child.
Meet the Dad who was so worried about the chemicals his pregnant wife and baby were absorbing… that he developed an organic, natural skincare range for his wife and child.

Phil Wang is no ordinary Dad. When his wife fell pregnant with his firstborn child, he worried about the chemicals that she was lathering onto her skin and if they could be absorbed by their unborn child.

Phil states: “In 2014, my wife and I found out we were expecting our first child. Whilst we were preparing to welcome our baby into the world, we wanted only the best like all parents. Whilst researching everything that we needed and wanted for our unborn child, I noticed that there was a distinct lack of Certified Organic skin care products for mums and babies in the market.
Much to my horror, whilst a lot of products stated they were Natural and Organic, they had no proof or certifications to go along with their name. With further research, I also found that some of those natural products were petroleum based or riddled with chemicals.
Natural or not, I knew there could be better choices if there was only a brand out there that worked hard to become certified with all-organic ingredients, without the petroleum or natural chemicals seen in most products these days.”

Phil started to research, test and develop the AHRIA skincare prototype. He sourced organic ingredients from all over the globe and contacted the Australian Certified Organic (ACO) to make sure that his products were the best organic quality possible.

Phil adds: “I had to continually research, refine the formula and search for better quality ingredients. Finally, after 2 years of hard work and a ridiculous amount of research and development, AHRIA’s skincare products were finally certified by the ACO. That was an amazing achievement.”
“In today’s current climate, our bodies and our newborns are constantly introduced to a lot of heavy chemicals and man-made products. Most of us hardly ever think about it because that is just the way it is to continually keep up with demand, I knew that for my child, I wanted better. “

Phil is from a traditional Chinese family. His father taught him to be responsible, faithful, and honest. He applies these principles in everything that he does.

Phil concludes: “I believe the main strength in this brand is its honesty and complete transparency. We do not hide our ingredients from our customers. I have always had a strong sense of honesty and responsibility, working extremely hard to maintain that Certified Organic label against the Australian Standards and the people that work to get AHRIA’s message out to the world believe the same. I believe this is crucial. In a world that is constantly changing, with an ever-increasing population and ever-increasing exposure to manmade materials, chemicals and pollution, I know that AHRIA Organics will hold fast because it is real. The ingredients are real. The label is real. The family that worked so hard to bring AHRIA to life is real. The love we have for our families and ourselves is in this product and we welcome anyone and everyone to be a part of that and to truly see the benefits of going organic, at least for their skin!
To say we are Organic without getting certified is against the very morals I live by…To be honest, loyal and prove it.”

Phil has even eaten the product to show family and friends just how real and natural AHRIA is…

Phil’s wife is currently pregnant with their second child. She only uses the skincare range that her husband has made for her. Their son, now aged 3, loves the AHRIA baby products. Most importantly Phil is happy that he has been able to give his wife, son and unborn baby the very best, natural and organic skincare products.
AHRIA Organics are plant and fruit based, not tested on animals and are vegan.

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AHRIA - Husband created a skincare range for his wife and child

Meet the Dad who was so worried about the chemicals his pregnant wife and baby were absorbing… Forget perfume or flowers… this husband created a skincare range for his wife...

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