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Laser Treatment For Skin Tag Removal

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Skin tags are noncancerous benign skin tumours with a core multiple elements and a covering or epidermis. These tags can appear around the armpits, eyelids, groin, under your breasts, neck, and upper chest. Most often these tags go unnoticed except when there are on prominent spots on your body or repeatedly scratched or rubbed by jewellery, clothing, or while shaving. In some instances these tags tend to fall off without causing any pain or perhaps you never notice them either. However, when these tags are very large they can burst with pressure. The appearance of these tags can be smooth/irregular on appearance and often raised from the skin surface with marginally brownish or skin coloured.


There are many forms of treatment available for removing the skin tags and laser treatment is one among them. Skin rejuvenation with the help of laser can be helpful in removing skin tags as well as other scars these tags can potentially leave behind. Laser targets affected skin cells responsible for the tags that stem from the depth of the skin. Laser eliminates these cells through the creation of microscopic wounds so that the skin is encouraged to undergo the healing process. In this process, the body is forced to produce collagen and new skin cells. Both these actions help in eliminating skin imperfections that may be present and include skin tags. However, repeated treatment may be needed before you can see flawless and smooth looking skin.

Before we examine laser treatment for skin tags further, you should also know skin tags will not grow back once they are removed using a laser. Genetics and obesity are often mentioned as a possible cause for skin tags though there is no certain evidence for what causes this problem. Thus, when you have failed to remove the skin tags through other methods, there is no harm in choosing skin tag removal by Melbourne Laser & AestheticsCentre which has proved to be significantly effective in recent times.

Benefits of Laser Skin Tag Removal

Laser technology has made strident advances in a way that fractional lasersare now capable of targeting imperfections lying beneath skin layers without causing any damage to the surface. This way, fractional lasers are not only more effective, but also allows completion of the job without the attendant recovery time that most cosmetic procedures call for. Laser treatments are often accomplished quickly within about 15 minutes.

Absence of any downtime also means that laser skin tag removal comes with fewer side effects. Minimal redness is experienced by most patients and potential swelling fades away in about an hour. Other side effects can include burning sensation surround the area receiving treatment and this is comparable to a minor sun burn or a temporary blistering.

You may need several sittings with your dermatologist or laser clinic before experiencing results that you are focused on, though the difference will start appearing even after the first sitting itself. The number of sittings will be determined by how many skin tags you are seeking to remove and severity of potential scars that may be left behind on account of failed attempts to remove the tags.

Enhanced Collagen Production

Yet another benefit from laser skin rejuvenation is enhanced collagen production that leaves you with flawless looking fresh skin. Thus, apart from eliminating the skin tags, you also use the opportunity to get perfect skin in the area surrounding the problem. When you are also looking to get skin tags around the underarms removed, you can ask your laser technician to also target potential skin discoloration that may be present around the armpit.

DIY Measures You Can Consider

Apart from laser skin tag removal, you can also consider certain DIY measures though the results can vary from one solution to the other. Following are among these DIY measures:-


You can freeze your skin tag and in about a week to 10 days it will automatically fall off. These remedies are similar to what are used in wart removal. However, consulting a medical professional is always recommended before you embark on any DIY measure. Your dermatologist or doctor can also perform one of the following procedures after applying local anaesthesia to numb the area.

Cryosurgery – this procedure involves spraying of a small volume of liquid nitrogen around the skin tag to freeze away the growth

Cauterization – this procedure uses heat for closing wounds or removing growth from different parts of the body

Surgery – In this procedure, the skin tag is snipped off from the base with the help of surgical scissors and the need for stitches will be determined by the location and size of the skin tag.

Remember also that these are not cancerous growth though your doctor may recommend a biopsy to ward off any doubts.

Removal and Aftercare

Usually, skin tag removal does not lead to complications or infections. However, some people may develop some scars post removal and that disappears over a period of time. If you are removing skin tag as a DIY, ensure that you apply an antibiotic cream to the affected space as a precautionary measure. This way you will lower risk of infection. But, if the space bleeds or becomes painful, you should see your doctor. On the other hand when you remove skin tag with the help of a professional, you may be instructed to maintain the impacted space dry for about 2 days and gently wash it with water and soap post the two day period. Follow-up visit may also be planned to remove stitches and checking the wounds.


With a variety of laser treatments now available, skin tags need not frustrate you anymore. However, you should skip treatments that could potentially leave a scar and choose a laser clinic in your neighbourhood for flawless skin and lasting results.

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