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Aligning behaviour between parents and toddlers.

  • Written by Cara Barilla; Educational Columnist and journalist

The tough time between physical and mental awareness of our little growing babies through to toddlerhood is a life changing, enduring experience. The strength that the parents need to uphold in all aspects can create imbalance. Westernized society has gained outstanding amounts of depression and anxiety in parents of all walks of life, social status and age; we cant seem to underestimate the power of within, how we control or lose control of the situation. Here are some effective methods demonstrated by many parents around Australia whos togetherness has understood the true meaning of growing up a toddler, how to balance inner and outer stability and reaching milestones at ease.

Praise: Children understand the power of “praise”. When they have done something either good or bad, they instantly illustrate the feeling of what they have achieved based on the reaction to their surroundings. Kissing and cuddling your child after they learn something new, or even listening to what you have to say is all positive conditioning, strengthening and will go a long long way for yourself and your child.

Rewarding: everytime they do something good, rewarding and demonstrating what they have done is positive is extremely important for their confidence, self esteem and inner balance. Rewarding them with a cookie, a kiss, verbal praise and something they like can stimulate positive behavior.

Sincerity: everytime you show you are listening, talking, laughing and saying “good boy” or “great job” can all be translated via energy, volume and tone. Our children are very smart, empathetic and sensitive to true energy; if you don’t show true enthusiasm you wont get positive results back.

Clarity: ensure when you ask them for something, or correct them that you are not contradicting yourself and acting “foggy headed”. Children read between the lines so well and can grasp the truth between false and true patterns in your behavior.

Practice patience: Toddlers don’t understand the concept of “urgency” and being fast paced if they are being told to do something or not. They are amongst a pure state, with no need for urgency. If you need them to correct their bad habit, remember to be patient, take your time and mirror match it to your childs as they are genuinely doing the best they can.

Positive reinforcement: try and practice the power of praise at least three times a day, and repeat that each time your child does something good. You will initially be planting positive seeds in their mind and wanting to do more positive things for you and their lifestyle. It all comes from you, the parent/guardian. Its important to sustain healthy environments by creating balance, clarity and reward when you see them trying.

Remember to vocalize: the importance of parent to child communication is far more strengthening and positively conditioning than any television set. Talk about what they are doing, how you feel, what they like and everything educational and insightful which may lead to positive emotional and intellectual quota. Your childs mind is like a sponge right now, and you are the water; it’s a momentous time to unravel all you can to gain your childs optimum inner and outer health and life journey.

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