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Maths – when it’s time to break free of your misbeliefs
Growing up we often form false beliefs on what we can or cannot do; what we are good at and what we feel like we will never be good at. But we weren’t born with these predispositions and they took shape in us somewhere in our formative years. What if...
Award to Michelle Simmons reflects strategic importance of quantum physics for Australia
Physicist Michelle Simmons has won the 2018 Australian of the Year Award. Australian of the Year Awards UNSW Scientia Professor Michelle Simmons has been awarded the 2018 Australian of the Year . The prize recognises Simmons’ research and leadership in...
The Art Of Bell-Ringing
Is bell-ringing an art? Is it music? Is it maths? Is it a fun way to do a bit of heavy lifting and burn up a few calories or is it an excuse to shoot the breeze with some like-minded people? Bell-ringing or campanology as it’s officially called, is all...

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