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Aussies Hate Saving Money for a Trip

  • Written by Bags to Go

According to a recent survey conducted by Bags To Go, one third of Aussies consider saving money for a trip as the worst part of travelling.

This survey’s intention was to study Australians’ travel habits to see what they reveal about the typical Aussie’s true travel identity. The key areas the survey focused on were how often Aussies travelled, whether they went internationally or domestically, and who they liked to travel with.

The verdict revealed 33.4% of Aussies surveyed regard saving money as the number one negative of planning a holiday. This was followed by 24.3% who consider finding the best flights the worst part of travelling and 21.3% who hate finding the time to create an itinerary. The task deemed the least tedious was figuring out transportation and car hire, with 16.3% of Aussies choosing it as an aspect of travelling they dislike.

The majority saved for travel using the same method, with 57.2% claiming to spend less on things they don’t need in order to afford their holiday. Cutting back on luxuries was a common theme, with 22.8% saving in the kitchen by cooking more and dining out less. Another 19.7% said they worked more or picked up more shifts, and just 5.7% were able to earn money while on vacation.

385 people took part in this survey, with almost even contribution from males and females (just 0.3% variation between genders). The age of participants ranged from 18-65+ which allowed for a varied reflection of travel habits. It also revealed typical travel habits evolve over the different stages of life.

You can find the survey in its entirety at Bags To Go.

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Aussies Hate Saving Money for a Trip

According to a recent survey conducted by Bags To Go, one third of Aussies consider saving money for a trip as the worst part of travelling. This survey’s...

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