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Why finding a good electrician in Sydney can be a challenge

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There are many electricians in Sydney Australia but a good electrician that will do a good job is hard to find. Regardless of how much you are going to pay, it can never guarantee quality work. There is some work that can be done without the help of an electrician but it’s too much of a risk especially if you are inexperienced. Seeking the assistance of an electrician in solving electrical issues is a good idea. This way, safety can be ensured and hurting yourself can be avoided. It’s easy to find an electrician if you are Sydney but finding a good one might be a challenge. Here some problem in finding quality electrical service from a reputable electrician.

Insurance and Licence

This is one of the most important factors you should consider when hiring a professional electrician. The problem with most of the electricians you can find is that they do not have a licence. Having it means they are qualified legally to perform the job and that they have skills. A licence ensures you that the electrician underwent a set of training courses and passed the exam. Aside from the licence, insurance is also a must. Choosing an electrician that carries liability insurance is ideal. Policies under the insurance must be current and not expired. The advantage is if anything goes wrong like the worker gets injured while doing the job or the worker damage your electrical wirings, you won’t be held responsible. If you are doubtful of the licence of the one you have chosen, find another reputable professional.

Work Quality

There are many horror stories about how electrician failed to resolve some electrical issues. These resulted in the house or building damage. These usually happen when the people who did the electrical work didn’t know what they are doing. A good electrician performs quality work with an understanding of safety and procedures. Although it's hard to judge the job done if you're not an electrician yourself, you can base it on the cleanliness and neatness of their work. Basically, if it's not neat then it's not safe. A good electrician pays attention to details. Important inspections must be done even before starting the job. They perform smoothly as they carry out the electrical work. You will also know the quality of work by electricians if you have other sources such as recommendations and reviews. It’s a great place to start. Know what other people are saying about their experience working with them. Ultimately, if they have a good reputation then they provide high-quality professional service. Great service means it meets your every need.

Price and Warranty

This a major concern especially if we are working on a tight budget. We all know that hiring a professional to do electrical work is expensive. Know that it has a reason. They spent thousands of hours to train and be certified. They are experts in seeing through your project. Prices differ on the services provided. But we also must admit that there are others who charge just too high. They are just looking out to take advantage. If ever you are gonna be needing a professional electrician for your next installation or repair project, familiarize yourself with the typical or average cost for every electrical service. Prices may depend on an hourly rate or type of work that needs to be done. It also depends on the level of experience, types of license and how complex the job is. Is advisable to get at least three option for your project. You can talk to them and question them about the situation of your project and ask them to provide a price quote. In this way, you can compare and select which will give you your money’s worth. You may be tempted to hire any handyman that is not properly trained to do the job so that it’ll cost you less. But eventually, the price can get higher because of some repairs just because it’s not resolved the first time. It could also risk your safety. Faulty wirings may result in fires and damage the property. Now, there is no estimate with regards to pricing. In most cases, it should be price equals the type of service required. You also need to know the coverage of the warranty. Electricians are expected to return after the work is done to correct a few issues that may arise because some work wasn’t done correctly.

Skills shortage

In the whole of Australia, there is currently a dilemma in finding electricians. Over the past few years, it shows that there is a major increase in demand for electrical jobs but there are not enough workers available to perform the job. In Sydney alone, there is a large amount of electrical work needed in construction and infrastructure projects. The reason for the shortage is less and fewer people are entering the field of electricity. When the time comes when aged professional retire, there will not be enough new recruits to replace them. Many are also not interested in becoming an electrician because it takes so long to become one as there are so many important things that need to be known. The training and apprenticeship are long plus the exam can be hard.


It is quite hard and sometimes confusing to find a good electrician as there are so many electricians we often see in Sydney market. It is important that we must be committed to finding one that is effective. They should be highly skilled, competent and efficient. Experience and skills are vital to ensure that those electrical jobs will be done safely and effectively. It may be hard to find but it’s not impossible to spot the one who is qualified and proficient that is suitable to fulfill the demands of a certain project whether it’s for home or business. Many electricians have specialization in one or multiple fields. The key is choosing the one that can be trusted and is most reliable about the field that needs to be doing — someone who can deliver and meet or even exceeds your expectations.




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Why finding a good electrician in Sydney can be a challenge

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