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Complete Guide On Asbestos Removal

  • Written by Layla Flinn
Asbestos is used abundantly in building materials like flooring, ceiling tiles, insulation, cementing, joint compound, and a lot more. Thus, after construction job is done, it must be checked if there is a leftover stuff on the floors and other areas. Hence, if required asbestos removal must be done. Asbestos abatement job is something that can be done with the help of a professional very conveniently or you can also give a thought to do-it-yourself job. Legally a householder has the right to remove asbestos from the property, but the operation must be done cautiously as it can cause serious health hazards while removing, packaging, transporting, and disposing. You can always get in touch with any of the asbestos specialist for any help and advice related to the condition or the removal of the asbestos.



Asbestos Removal

Why Does The Asbestos Need Testing?

Asbestos testing is important to inspect the asbestos material from time to time and whenever it shows the sign of damage then the asbestos removal must be done immediately. In laboratory the tests can be done in presence of the experts. Though you require to bear the charges for it. Without testing, you might put yourself at the risk of inhaling airborne asbestos fibers at the time of repairing or renovating your home or office. Apart from that, the toxic material of asbestos can cause cancer too.


Things To Consider Before Hiring An Asbestos Removal Company:

It is a wise decision to hire an asbestos abatement company for asbestos removal of the residential or commercial building. The following points must be considered while hiring an asbestos abatement company –


  • Opting For The Right Kind Of Service: The services offered by the asbestos abatement companies are various. Some of the companies specialize in asbestos abatement and the other companies specializes in providing environmental services, demolition services, contracting services etc. Therefore, specify what type of service you intend to pick before hiring asbestos removal service.

  • Agency Licensing - Though the asbestos abatement regulations vary from place to place but it is always safe and sound to call for a service from the company / agency having proper license for doing the job.

  • Good Name - The reputation of the asbestos abatement agency must be a major thing to consider before opting for the abatement service.

  • Qualification Of The Asbestos Removing Professional - The qualification of the asbestos abatement agent must be checked prior hiring.

  • Budget - Ask for the approximate charge for the removal of the asbestos. As different companies charge differently thus opt for the one which best suits your needs.

Preventive Measures To Be Taken Before Carrying Out The Asbestos Removal Task:

While performing the asbestos removal task, we need to take a few precautions otherwise it can cause major health damage.


  1. Working In A Ventilated Area - It is advisable to work with asbestos in a ventilated area as the toxic chemicals present in the asbestos may cause suffocation in a stuffy place. Make sure that the asbestos is wet during work so that less amount of fiber and dust gets produced.

  2. Wearing The Appropriate Protective Clothing - While working on the abatement of the asbestos, one must wear proper clothing to protect themselves from the harmful effects of the chemical dust.

  3. Carrying The Appropriate Equipments - The task of asbestos abatement can't be carried sans appropriate equipments.

  4. Using Non-Powered Hand Tools - Other than using powered tools, the non-powered hand tools like guillotine, hand saw, or hand-powered drill can be used for asbestos removal job and generate less amount of dust and cause minimum damage to the sheet.

  5. Remove And Dispose Personal Protective Equipment - After usage, it is mandatory to remove and dispose personal protective equipments as per the safety guidelines.

  6. Cleaning Up - After the removal of the asbestos, hands and other exposed parts of your body must be cleaned properly to get rid of the harmful dust particles.

  7. Avoid Walking On Asbestos Roofs - Walking on the corrugated asbestos roofs can cause you to fall so avoid that.

  8. Take Help Of Licensed Professional - The householders cannot perform the task of asbestos abatement as proficiently as the professionals. Therefore, seek help of the professionals in this regard.


Conclusion - The asbestos removing companies carry out the job of asbestos abatement following the regulations and processes strictly. So, select the correct agent and avail access to their hassle-free service.



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