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4 Signs it’s Time for a Facial Peel

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If you love keeping your skin in the best possible condition but you’re not always sure when you should be scheduling a facial treatment such as a peel, this article will help.

Chemical peels are capable of treating a wide range of skin concerns, including fine lines, hyperpigmentation and acne.

If you notice any of these four signs, it’s definitely time to make an appointment at one of the Academy Face and Body cosmetic clinics.

4 Signs Your Skin Would Benefit from a Peel

You’ve noticed age spots or other signs of pigmentation

While a brightening serum is a great way to treat the mottled appearance that hyperpigmentation creates, it won’t be able to remove the pigmentation that you currently have. Chemical peels are a highly effective way to remove pigmented cells across your face, leaving you with a more even-toned appearance.

Your skin appears dull or dry and feels rough

Your skin is always shedding – you may not notice it – but it definitely is. During your teenage years, a new skin cell develops every 28 days, after which it slowly makes its way to the outer layer of the skin before it is shed. By the time we reach the age of 40, it takes twice as long for the skin to go through this cycle. This means that it becomes much easier for dead skin cells to build up, creating a dull, unhealthy appearance. People who think their skin is dry actually just have a build-up of dead skin cells on their face, something that a chemical peel is great at treating. Once a chemical peel removes the dead skin cells, you will be left with fresh, hydrated cells that make your skin look plump and youthful. Peels are still one of the best ways to speed up the cycle of skin cells as we age.

You’re struggling with acne

It only takes a single pore getting clogged with dead skin cells for acne to flare up. Once the skin can no longer breath, acne bacteria is able to thrive, leading to red, inflamed skin and unsightly blemishes that can really affect your self-esteem, particularly as an adult. To prevent acne from forming at all, schedule regular peels to keep your skin free from dead skin cells. Peels can actually also be applied to skin that is already experiencing a breakout, which helps reduce the severity of the breakout.

You’re noticing more fine lines and wrinkles

Fine lines and wrinkles start forming when the skin starts becoming less elastic and produces less collagen. Collagen is what gives your skin the structure and strength it needs to bounce back but ageing gradually reduces collagen levels in the skin. Peels are one of the most effective ways to encourage the skin to produce more collagen, leaving you with firmer skin after a few treatments.

There are a variety of different peels that can be used on your skin. Schedule a consultation with a qualified clinic to discuss your options.

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4 Signs it’s Time for a Facial Peel

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