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8 Things You’ll Need for a Positive Breast Surgery Recovery

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Thanks to advancements in cosmetic medicine and plastic surgery, breast surgery makes it possible for patients to lead better quality lives and experience more confidence.

Of the many things you need to consider when planning your breast reduction, lift or augmentation surgery, recovery is one of them. By taking the appropriate steps, you can look forward to a positive recovery and amazing results.

How to Have a Better Breast Recovery Experience

1. Get all of the post-operative guidelines from your surgeon

Before you leave the hospital, make sure that you have received all the information you need about your recovery from your surgeon. A reputable surgeon will always provide you with very specific guidelines but make sure that you understand everything clearly and don’t have any questions.

2. Wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothing

If you want to be more comfortable during your breast surgery recovery, wear clothing that is easy to put on and remove. The specialised bra that you will need to wear will be easy to remove and put back on, so make sure that the rest of your clothing is too. Opt for button up and zip front clothing that isn’t too tight.

3. Find a triangular wedge pillow

According to Dr Laniewski plastic surgery in Bella Vista, if you usually sleep on your side, you would really benefit from purchasing a triangular wedge pillow for your recovery. Not only is it comfortable but it will ensure you are propped up correctly when you’re in bed.

4. Make it easy to stay hydrated

Drinking enough water will do a lot for your body during recovery. Not only does water keep your skin healthy and supple but it accelerates the healing process too. Since you won’t want to get up to get a new glass of water several times a day, find a good water bottle for your recovery.

5. Plan your meals

By giving your body all of the vitamins and nutrients it needs and more, you can look forward to a better recovery. To avoid additional swelling, it’s best to stay away from sugary and processed foods. Eat as much fresh fruits and vegetables and lean proteins as you can. It’s also a good idea to plan your meals out ahead of time to give you one less thing to worry about during recovery.

6. Take time to rest

You are going to need to take some time off work. The more rest you can get, the better, so take at least a week off work after your breast surgery – two weeks would be even better. If your job is quite strenuous, you will need more time to recover.

7. Get some help

You might not think you’re going to need it but a little help goes a long way during recovery. There is a lot you won’t be able to do during the first few days after your breast surgery, so it helps to have someone around to assist you around the house and with day-to-day tasks. If you have children at home, you might need to ask a friend or family member for some additional help when your partner can’t be there.

8. Pay attention to pain and scar management

After your procedure, your surgeon will give you some guidelines on how best to manage your pain and reduce the appearance of scars. Following these instructions will not only ensure you have a more positive experience but that your results are what you’re expecting too.

With a little preparation and the help of an experienced surgeon, there’s no reason why your breast surgery recovery needs to be overly unpleasant and painful.

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