Choosing your Water-Fed Poles: A Difficult Path Made Easy

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Have you ever experienced the power of nature? No!? But, you must have seen floods or cyclones? May it be air or water, harness the power and you will have a Herculean force by your side, to help you! Water is one such force, which has been harnessed into poles, to help you with window cleaning. Use these poles to your advantage.


Use the water-fed poles with technology like pure water for window cleaning! You might be amazed at how shiny the windows become. Professional and home-owners alike will find the poles highly useful. Professionals can use it for uplifting the reputation of their business, while brave home-owners can get one for their home windows. The water-fed poles are very powerful, so, you need to be careful! Do not let the power of water overwhelm you!


  • Aspects for Finding Your Perfect Water-Fed Pole


Whether you are new to the power of pure water technology, or, have had the good luck to use such system before, you need to know the deciding aspects that can be the difference between a shiny window and a dirty (streaked) window!


Here are some of the deciding aspects that can be used to your advantage for finding the best window cleaning pole (as per your requirement):



1. Length of the Pole: The length of the pole can be a major factor in determining the best solution for your window cleaning project. To determine the correct length, you need to keep three things in mind; flex of the pole, angle at which the pole will come in contact of your windows as well as the highest window you will have to clean. The usual calculation requires you to add a few more inches to the height of the highest window to compensate for the angle and flex of the pole.


2. Flex of the Pole: The height of the windows is an important factor. Flex gains importance with increase in height of the windows. If, the windows are at a great height, then greater flex could become a huge problem. Almost all poles have flex, but, the higher grade materials like carbon fibre poles have significantly lower flex, making them easier to handle.


3. Weight of the Pole: Try to keep the weight to a minimum! This is a no brainer! Lighter poles are easier to handle. So, always try to get a light weight pole.



  • Height Measurement: Working Height & Actual Length


When deciding the length of the pole, make sure that you pay attention to pole height. Some companies mention it as working height. What you need, however, is the actual length!

Confused about the difference, between the two? No need to be confused!


When, a height is mentioned as “actual length”, it means the length of the pole, from top to bottom.


Now, coming to the “working height”! When you have a pole’s length mentioned as working height, it factors in how high you would be holding the pole from the ground. Suppose, the working height is mentioned as 40 feet, it does not mean the pole is 40 feet; the pole might be 37 or 36 feet.


So, ensure, you pay attention to the measurement term! Now, that all the confusions have been resolved, and you have your aspects ready, go shopping. You will find a variety of water-fed window cleaning equipment, find yours and start your window cleaning project.


These water-fed poles could seem like God-sent, especially for the professional window cleaners. You get a powerful tool in your hand, that has harnessed the strength of water into a humble pole; to give you enhanced window cleaning ability!



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Choosing your Water-Fed Poles: A Difficult Path Made Easy

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