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Tips To Transform Your Bedroom With An Ecstatic View

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A bedroom is the most important part of a house. Whenever someone plans a transformation for his house, he always gives bedroom some extra attention. Since it is considered as the most relaxing place where you spend 8-10 hours each day.

When you spend most of your time in the bedroom it should be super comfortable and calm. After working the whole day when you get back home, a bedroom should be a place to breathe, relax and sleep. As the bedroom is a perfect place for “me time” so, it should be designed and decorated according to your own preference. This room is not only about sleeping but also about the quality time, you will spend on yourself.

It is not necessarily important to invest a huge amount on bedroom transformation or an ecstatic view. You can make the transformation through DIY bedroom decoration tips. Through this, you can have your dream bedroom in less money.

If you want to shower some love of transformation to your bedroom then this article can help you out. Here are a few tips to transform your bedroom with an ecstatic view.

  • Curtains

Curtains play a very good role in enhancing the overall look of a bedroom. It is important to choose the right design of curtains to give a delighted look. If you're in Australia, then you can look for one of the best options for outdoor curtains Sydney has to offer.

Curtains give your bedroom a luxurious look which is exactly what your room has been missing. There are different designs of curtains like eyelet, goblet, box pleat, pinch pleat and many more. You can select the design and color according to your own choice. The color of the curtains should complement the overall look of your room.

  • Wall Paint

The color of your bedroom is the most important aspect of your room transformation. It will either rock the whole look or turn out to be a disaster. There are many bedroom color ideas that can add up the beauty of your room.

The color preference can vary from person to person, for instance, some people adore light colors while others prefer darker ones. If you want a unique and intense look for your room, you can use dark colors. However, light colors can make the room look bigger and luxurious.

The selection of wall color depends on many other things like floor color, furniture and the overall look of the room. It can although make or break your space.

  • Furniture

Furniture not only boosts the beauty of your bedroom but it is the most important thing related to your comfort. A good comfortable bed provides you a better sleep. Similarly, the chairs, table, dressing and every other furniture in your room should be reliable and cozy to make you fall in love with your bedroom.

There are different types of furniture material, each having its own pros and cons. You can select the material according to your convenience. There are several colors and designs of bedroom furniture available also. You can select elegant yet funky furniture for your room according to the size of the bedroom and your own preference. The furniture should also compliment the whole vibe of your space you have planned to keep either be it traditional or contemporary.

  • Mirrors

If you are a mirror lover then you might understand the need of having a beautiful mirror in a room. There are hundreds of shapes and designs of mirror which are equally pretty and attractive. You can buy one, order a customize mirror or you can make a nice mirror frame yourself.

Your room should at least have 3 mirrors including

1. Wall mirror

2. Dressing mirror

3. Mirror in your closet.

Among these, one mirror should be a full-length mirror so that when you get ready you can see yourself from head to toe. The dressing mirror helps in during makeup and hairstyling. The third mirror can be like a décor piece providing an artistic touch to your bedroom.

  • Study Area

If you like to read or you have to work on a laptop you can also opt for a nice working corner in your bedroom. A comfortable and elegant table chair can enhance the overall look of your room as well.

  • Lighting

To enhance your bedroom view, the use of mesmerizing lights is very important. You can place a fancy chandelier, modern LED lights or even a few fairy lights. You can also build a huge window in your room which will provide the natural light to your room and will also let you enjoy that view.

  • Closet

The most favorite part of many people in a bedroom is their closet. The more organized you set your closet the prettier it will look. Though it is difficult to maintain a tidy closet all the time but consistent efforts can make it happen.

  • Your Personal Touch

Every human has a different style and taste. So their belongings and their space should be a reflection of their personality. Your bedroom is the most private space you own to reflect your taste and personality.

While transforming your bedroom you can bring the amazing artist inside you and set your room in a way that defines who you are and what are your likes and dislikes.

  • Decor

Placing some antique and classic pieces of decor in your room can make your bedroom more lavish and luxurious. Some meaningful and artistic paintings can also become a center of attraction in your room. You can also place some wind chimes on the window of your bedroom to provide the most peaceful atmosphere.

  • Flooring

The flooring of your bedroom should complement the room color and furniture. Different types of room flooring are there like tiles, marbles, wooden floors and the glass floor is the latest trend. According to your preference, you can select any one of these.

  • Rug

The perfect selection of rugs can make the room more attractive and make your floor look more elegant. In my opinion, you should choose a darker color of the rug if you have light-colored walls and vice versa.

  • Lamps

Classy and elegant bedside lamps can provide an ecstatic look to your bedroom which you have been desiring. The lamps can change the entire mood of your room as well.

  • Color Palette

Choosing everything dark or light are two extremes which we do not recommend. The color scheme of your bedroom should be a blend of many colors complementing each other.

If you like it decent and elegant then go for a 2-3 color scheme. While if you have an artistic colorful taste than a lot of colors will also do wonders for your room but keep this in mind all the colors must complement each other.

Final thoughts

The bedroom is the most private and relaxing part of a house. Whenever you crave for a change you can make transformations in your bedroom. Making your bedroom a safe haven requires great efforts but the final output is worth all the hard work. Although you should never neglect your comfort so while remodeling it ensure that you keep your comfort level as your first priority.


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