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Roofing in Australia: How to Become a Roofer

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In the construction industry, roofers are an important part of the equation. Roofers specialize in installing, maintaining, and replacing roofs. To become a roofer in Australia, you must obtain some training in roofing and complete an apprenticeship and become a journeyman. You also must have some basic skills that will help you in your engagements with your clients.

Personal Qualities for a Roofer

Some of the tasks that a roofer performs include measuring and cutting roofing materials, performing risk assessments, and roof maintenance among other services. To carry out their jobs efficiently, a roofer must possess the following personal attributes:

Physical Stamina

The tasks that a roofer performs are physically demanding, so you must be dexterous and fit. You must also be able to maintain body balance and have excellent hand-eye coordination since otherwise, accidents are likely to occur. Also, you must be comfortable working at heights.

Technical Know-how

You must be able to read about and understand the different roofing types, designs, and materials. You must also know how to operate construction equipment.


You must be able to work with a team because roofing tasks aren't a one-man show. It’s important to create a good rapport with your teammates.


If you have basic training in roofing, have undergone and successfully completed an apprenticeship program, and have relevant work experience, you’re good to go as a roofer. However, if you decide to go ahead and sign up for a roofing-related course, you’ll stand out from other roofers.

One advantage of working as a roofer is that you get to learn while on the job.

To obtain a roofing license in Australia and work professionally, in addition to the above qualifications, you need to successfully finish a safety training course and get a white card – also known as a construction induction card.


One of the integral steps that you need to take to become a professional roofer is signing up for an apprenticeship. The apprenticeship program is where you’ll learn indispensable skills that will build your career and make you stand out from the crowd.

To be eligible to enrol in this program, you must be 18 years or older and have a high school diploma. The advantage of this program is that you get to work with experts in the construction industry and roofing specialists. You also get to work and apply practically what you learn theoretically. Plus, this on-the-job training is paid!

Some of the things you will learn at the apprenticeship program include how to install different roof types, the various materials used, math skills, handling basic construction jargon, taking safety measures on site and first aid skills.

There are various options available offering apprenticeship programs for roofers. Most of these programs last between two and five years. Once you have successfully completed your apprenticeship, your wages will increase substantially because you will be a journeyman.


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