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How to Boost Your Organic Traffic by Using Schema Markup? A Complete Guide

  • Written by Shaik Khaja

Schema markup is a relatively new feature in SEO that is currently the most effective yet the least used. All the leading search engines, including Google, Bing, Yahoo, and Yandex, together came up with the idea of in 2011. Through the years, schema SEO has become very significant during the implementation of Hummingbird and RankBrain.

While schema markup sounds very technical, this search engine language is easy to understand. This concept is relatively simple. To know how you can use schema markup to boost your organic traffic, here is a simple guide that you can follow.

Understanding the Schema

Generally, the schema is a kind of microdata that helps search engines to have a better understanding of a site’s content. It comes with different markups composed of tags that you can include in the HTML of your website. It can help search engines understand the content of your web page. As a result, it will allow your site to have better SERP rankings. The tags will notify the search engines if the information presented in the content talks about a specific person, location, book, or movie. You can refer to these tags as structured data. 

Importance of Schema in SEO

Schema is one of the On-Page techniques. And tThere are three primary reasons why schema is essential in SEO. First, it can turn into a vital factor that can make a webpage look good in search engine results pages (SERP) because it can boost the rich snippets posted at the bottom portion of the page title of your web content. If you have a structured data markup, you can post specific information that you want your target audience to see on the rich snippets portion of your web pages.

Another reason why schema markup is essential in SEO is its ability to encourage organic click-through rates. Since your website will have a comprehensive rich snippet shown in SERPS, the boost in the site’s Click-through rates will become inevitable. Also, it can give an incidental SEO benefit since it will make your pages get indexed faster because of the targeted metadata. Also, different SEO metrics like the click-through rate, bounce rate, and time on site may have a significant effect on the ranking factors.

Finally, the schema SEO can put your website ranking at the highest positions of SERPs. One study claimed that the web pages that have structured data markup could increase their rank four times higher than the sites that do not have structured data markup. 

How to Implement Schema Markup to your Website

There are different ways to implement schema markups on your website. If you manage to carry out the schema markup that works best for your website, you will find your website on top of the SERP ranks in no time. You can do this by incorporating different features that can aid in promoting both the site and the business at the same time.

In the past, SEO Agency called these types of schema as “rich snippets.” Now, people call these the “rich results.” Here are different examples of schema types that can help boost your site’s reputation and increase its visibility to its target audience.

  • FAQ Snippet - Short for Frequently Asked Questions, this type of snippet presents a list of questions about a particular topic and discusses the corresponding answers. 

  • HowTo Snippet - It is a type of content that talks about a specific theme through a step-by-step guide, a tutorial video, or a series of images that explain something. The explanation will allow you to finish a task like fixing a car or installing furniture. 

  • Product Snippet - This type of snippet uses three different schemas, including AggregateOffer, Offer, and Product schemas. It is often used to sell a particular item from an eCommerce site.

  • Recipe Snippet - True to its name, the recipe snippet aims to provide information about how to cook a specific dish. It can be about the ingredients, the preparation time, the caloric contents, and other details about a meal. You can see the recipes with structured data on Carousels, a list-like tool that mostly appears on mobile devices.

  • Video Snippet - Search engines like Google can list down video results. If you want to have your videos ranked, you can check out the guidelines posted on Google’s developer guide or on to meet all the requirements. 

  • Person Market Snippet - It provides basic facts about a person, including the name, birthday, educational attainment, family background, milestones and achievement, and other essential information.

  • Breadcrumbs - This schema centers on the path links that guide users towards the current page. It allows them to look at the location within the website. Also, it can help drop the site’s bounce rates effectively.  

You must also know the different schema markups formats to integrate the schema markup on your websites. It only requires you to add more vocabulary to the site’s HTML codes. If you are a web developer, you need to memorize three different formats to incorporate schema markup on the webpages. These formats include microdata, RDF-a, and JSON-LD.

But if you do not want to bother with web coding, you can use several tools that can assist you in implementing the schema markup in your site. These tools include Rich Result Test, Google’s Structured Data Testing Tool, Google’s Structured Data Markup Helper, Merkle’s Schema Markup Generator, and the Schema Markup WordPress Plugins. These tools can assist you in creating the site with schema markup SEO in mind.

How Will Schema Markup Boost Your SEO?

While it remains unclear whether schema markups can hike up your rankings in an instant, it can still put your site in a higher rank in different ways. If you use schema markup, your click-through rate will significantly increase. Since these sites have more information posted on the SERP, your target audience will click it first before the other sites. Thus, it will generate more traffic organically. Then it will convert into leads and more sales.

Adding a schema markup will also give you an edge against your competitors. At the moment, there are only 17 to 31 percent of websites all over the Internet that use schema markup. So if you will add it to your website, you will have a better chance to capture your target users during organic searches. 

Also, your website can enjoy several advantages through schema markup. First, it can assist search engines in locating the essential information presented in your content. It can also provide a sneak peek of all the visual elements and other crucial details of the site’s content in the SERPs. It will also entice your target audience to browse through your website, which could lead to an increase in your total SEO rank.

So if you are serious about boosting your SEO efforts to increase your rank on SERPs, then consider adding schema markups on your website. It may require you to do extra work, but all the time and effort that you will exert will have favorable results in the long run. With the help of schema SEO, the website that you are working on will reach the top spot because of the added efforts that you have taken to help the search engine crawlers understand your site’s purpose easily.

Author’s Bio:

Shaik Khaja, An SEO Content enthusiast who always keeps a tab on the latest happenings in the Digital Marketing Industry. Curious to learn and implement emerging things floating around the industry. Reach out me gmail Twitter FB LinkedIn


How to Boost Your Organic Traffic by Using Schema Markup? A Complete Guide

Schema markup is a relatively new feature in SEO that is currently the most effective yet the least used. All the leading search engines, including Google, Bing, Yahoo, and Yandex...

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