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How to Avoid Stinky Drains

What is that stench? You come home after work and your house reeks of...something.

You can’t quite put your finger on it, but there is a faint but disgusting smell floating about. Then, when you go to wash your hands, you find it. The water doesn’t drain away and bubbles float up, releasing more of that raunchy smell into the air.

Learn about the most common causes of stinky drains here to help avoid this scenario in the future.

1. Soap Scum

Soap is an invaluable part of the cleaning process. Unfortunately, the slimy scum that comes from it is also part of what can cause those stinky drains.

While the scum itself generally isn’t enough to block a drain, it can coat the inside of the pipe. This constricts the flow and can entrap other debris that comes sliding down the drain. Eventually, the constriction can be enough to partially block the drain.

2. Hygiene Products

Many people don’t realize that the only thing you should put down the toilet is toilet paper and... natural substances.

Many women are in the habit of flushing hygiene products down the toilet, thinking they are like toilet paper. However, these products are much thicker than toilet paper and can easily cause nasty blockages. Plus, these products make it harder to process the water at water treatment facilities.

3. Leftover Food

In the kitchen, it is common to send scraps of food down the drain. However, even if you have a garbage disposal, you shouldn’t put any kind of food down the drain.

Bits of anything has the potential to get stuck along the way. Once it builds up enough, it will restrict the flow of water. Plus, the stench of rotting food contributes considerably to the unpleasant aroma of your stinky drain.

4. Oil and Grease

Another common problem with kitchen drains is oil and grease blockages. When warm, these substances are liquid and easily slide down the drain. Some people might even pour them down the drain without a second thought.

But, as soon as they cool, they congeal to a jelly-like substance. This, by itself, is usually not enough to block off a pipe. But combined with other debris, it can certainly create a stinky clog.

5. Roots from Trees

For more severe blockages you will need to call a plumber. Trees are one of these serious problems that you could face.

The sludge in your drainpipe is a rich source of water and nutrients for trees. Thus, any trees that are planted close to your drainpipe will be attracted to it. Over time, the tenacious tendrils will find any tiny crack or weak point and push their way into the pipe.

This cause two problems. A pipe blockage that will never be cleared with any amount of plunging with a toilet plunger...and a broken pipe.

Enjoy Fresh-Smelling Drains!

Make sure that everyone in your family knows to avoid putting any of these substances down the drain. As long as you stick to water and approved substances going down the drain, you can avoid most problems with stinky drains.

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