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Cowboy Hats Are Coming Back In Fashion- How to Buy the Right One

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Get the lowdown on cowboy and cowgirl hats with this helpful guide. This guide includes everything from John Wayne-inspired men's cowboy hats to Calamity Jane-inspired women's cowboy hats, and everything in between.

Cowboy Hats Come In A Variety Of Styles

Despite what you may believe, cowboy hats aren't simply a cowboy hat. Cowgirl and cowboy hats come in a wide variety of styles to suit all sorts of Western wearers, including:


The Cattleman is the most common form of cowboy hat, with three creases on the crown and a gently curved brim.


The squarer top of the cattleman hat gives the brick cowboy hat its distinctive look. The top of the brick is adorned with a single, rectangular dimple.


The gambler cowboy hat has a big, thick brim and a flat crown that was worn by gamblers in vintage Western films.


The round crown of the derby Western is similar to that of the conventional derby hat. The brims of Western derbies are long and somewhat up-curved.

Pinned-In Neck

As the name implies, a pinched front hat has a V-shaped crown with two pinches at the front, giving it its distinctive look.


Gus cowboy hats have three deep dimples on the crown and a high, sloping crown.

Toby Mix

The Ten-Gallon Hat mix, also known as the Tom mix, is similar to the Gus but bigger and more dramatic thus its 10-gallon name.

It's Time to Open the Crown

First made popular by Stetson, the open crown cowboy hat has a roomier crown without dimples and is often spherical.

The X Is Where the Value Is

An X is often seen beneath the brim of fine furry cowboy hats to signify how much of the animal's fur was utilized in their construction. In general, the higher the number of Xs, the higher the quality is. 

Stetson and Resistol both use the official X system to identify their cowboy hats, so you know right away that you're getting a quality product. The quality of the materials and construction processes utilized to make a cowboy hat determines its grade. Up to 100X rating is possible for high-end cowboy caps. 

Straw or wool felt cowboy hats might be just as good as fur and fur mix hats when it comes to quality, so don't shy away from them. X-marked wool blend hats or natural straw hats are your best bets.

How It Should Feel On The Top Of Your Head.

A cowboy hat should fit like a glove. To begin with, make sure the cowboy hat you purchase fits snugly around your head, to the point where it's almost unbearable. When you wear a cowboy hat, it expands, allowing your head to cool off. After wearing it for a long period of time, the hat will relax and mould itself to your head. Straw hats tend to flutter away more easily than felt hats, so you want to make sure they're fitted properly. Weighing more than straw hats, felt hats are more comfortable to wear.

Tilting Towards That Direction

To begin, check to see whether the hat is worn in the proper direction. In most cases, the rear of the hat is marked by a little bow on the inside of the hat. You can inject some personality into your ensemble if you can get your brim to point in the appropriate direction. Tiling your cowboy hat may make all the difference depending on your attitude and facial shape. Tilt your hat forward to give the impression that you're resting on a chair like a cowboy. For a more authentic western look, try slanting it forward.

Cowboy Hat Maintenance: How Do You Do It?

The brim should always be facing up while storing your hat. The brim of a cowboy hat may be warped by laying it on a flat surface, such as a table or dresser, for an extended length of time. Hold on to the brim of the cowboy hat at all times. The crease might be crushed or dented if you grab the crown. Always grasp the front and rear of your brim while tightening or loosening it.

Cowboy hats made of straw or wool are water-resistant and may be worn even if they become wet. Your hat may expand and distort as a result of this. Just be sure to let it dry out in the sun. Avoid drying your cowboy hat near a source of strong heat.

Final Thoughts: 

High-quality leather and lining are required for the greatest men's cowboy hats so that they maintain their original form and appearance over time. These tips can help you get the most out of your hat, so use them to your advantage.

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Cowboy Hats Are Coming Back In Fashion- How to Buy the Right One

Get the lowdown on cowboy and cowgirl hats with this helpful guide. This guide includes everything from John Wayne-inspired men's cowboy hats to Calamity Jane-inspired women's cowboy hats, and everything...

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