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Champion What Moves You: Champion® Unveils New Global Brand Campaign

The iconic lifestyle brand born from sport serves as a canvas for culture, championing real creators not  just to win, but to champion a better tomorrow  

Today, heritage streetwear and athletic apparel brand, Champion, launched its new global brand campaign,  Champion What Moves You. As a brand whose mission is to provide every champion a canvas to live their true  purpose, Champion is taking action through the campaign rollout, calling upon a global network of real  creators – from rappers to street artists and shoe cobblers, spotlighting their purpose and putting them at the  heart of its brand story. 

From Australia to The United States, Japan, and LATAM, the new campaign heros six creators with purpose  across various disciplines – telling their stories through the eyes of local directors. 

The face of the Australian Champion What Moves You campaign is First Nations painter and activist, Aretha  Brown, who holds a strong passion for amplifying the voices of marginalised individuals and communities.  Championing inclusivity and harnessing the
power of art, Aretha is a proud Gumbaynggirr woman who has
 produced over 50 public murals around the world, drawing inspiration from her own identity as a queer, Blak,  young person for her works. In 2019, Aretha formed the **Kiss My Art collective, championing young women  and non-binary artists. This movement reclaims public spaces through street art, painting, and mixed media,  imparting a new visual narrative. 

Taking up space is really integral to how I move through the world. The subject matter that inspires me the  most is my identity as a young Indigenous person living in an urban environment. It shows a kind of  modernity that is often not granted to us as Indigenous people. Aboriginal women have been painting walls  in this country since time began. I’m just continuing on that legacy,” said Brown. 

View Aretha’s video HERE 

To Champion, a “Creator with Purpose” is someone that blurs the lines between personal passion and  impactful contribution. Each of the campaign’s featured creators are individuals that have harnessed their  creative gifts to achieve a long-term goal that aligns with their values, and is bigger than themselves to  champion their community and a better tomorrow. Their causes encompass realms such as activism, human  rights, sustainability, and mental wellbeing. 

We firmly believe that we are not defined by what we make, but by what we do with it,” said Vanessa  LeFebvre, President of Global Activewear at Champion. “In this next chapter of our brand story, we are  redefining what it means to champion – for us it is no longer a title or indication of winning, but rather, a  means to take action and create something with real impact. To be a champion is to pursue your passion, to  create, and to Champion What Moves You.” 

Created by advertising agency Energy BBDO, the :60, :30 and :15 spots are now live across Champion’s  Australian and New Zealand social and digital channels. Content is also being rolled out in all other global  markets, including The United States, United Kingdom, China, Japan, and LATAM. 

Champion is a force within culture around the globe,” said Josh Gross, Chief Creative Officer of Energy  BBDO. “With ‘Champion What Moves You,’ we’re excited to elevate these stories of incredible people who are  breaking boundaries and making an impact within their communities and beyond.” 

This campaign serves as a direct embodiment of Champion's core principles: Creativity, Collaboration,  Crafting with Purpose, and the Courage to act with intent and do good boldly. Each of the six creators have  not just mastered their unique craft, but championed meaningful causes that are lifelong pursuits and go  beyond winning.


Aretha Brown: Street artist and activist, Australia: A painter and activist from Melbourne, Aretha is a  powerful force using her voice and her art to speak up for the marginalised. In 2017, Aretha made headlines for  her speech given at the Invasion Day protest in Melbourne, calling on 50,000 protesters to make Indigenous  Australian history education mainstream. Her delivery and ideas led her to be elected as Prime Minister of the  National Indigenous Youth Parliament, the youngest ever person — and the first woman — to hold this  position. In 2019, Aretha founded the **Kiss My Art collective, to champion young women and nonbinary  artists. The group’s mission is to reclaim public spaces using street art, painting, and mixed media. 

Kevin “SignKid” Walker: Musician and producer, United Kingdom: A deaf writer, producer and sign-song  rapper, SignKid is determined to bridge the gap between the hearing and non-hearing world through music.  Championing music accessibility, SignKid has translated British Sign Language (BSL) and UK sign Slang into a  visual-based language not only for deaf and those hard of hearing, but also for hearing individuals who want  to learn sign language.  

Joshua Marin: Shoe cobbler, United States: The owner and founder of “Fix Your Kicks” on N Western Avenue  in Chicago, merges the worlds of tradition and modern culture to re-introduce the world of cobbling to the  masses. Through his craft and love of street culture, he hampions a new discourse around sustainability,  proving it’s not just clothing that can be re-used to reinvent ourselves, but also sneakers. 

Soulhan: Rapper, China: With Cantonese slowly becoming less prevalent in China, SoulHan has made it his  mission to keep the beautiful language and culture alive, preserving them through the art of music. His ever growing fanbase reinforces his belief that a key component to success is championing authenticity. 

Ryota Daimon: Painter and skater, Japan: Ryota Daimon is a painter and skater, who uses his art to  communicate the complexities of life. Following the death of his close friend and a bout of depression, he  champions mental health through self-expression and his art serves as a tool for healing, growth,  understanding and joy. He’s not just an artist, but also a talented skateboarder and his experiences within the  cultural hub of the skateboard community serve as inspiration and allow him to experience freedom of self expression in another dimension. 

Las Diablillas: Women’s softball team, LATAM: In a small Mayan town in Mexico, there is an all-female  softball team: Las Diablillas. Ranging from ages 14 to 40, their usual pursuits are seamstresses, cooks, farmers,  and herders; but together, they are a softball team breaking barriers and challenging societal norms. Sport is  not a part of female Mayan culture; in fact, it is heavily disparaged. Las Diablillas translates to “little devils,” and  these players are stepping out of the boxes they have remained in for generations to champion a new path of  female empowerment through the freedom of sport.


Since 1919, Champion has offered a full line of innovative athletic apparel for men and women, including  activewear, sweats, tees, sports bras, team uniforms, footwear and accessories. Today, as a lifestyle brand born  from sport, Champion uses innovative design and state-of-the-art product testing to ensure uncompromised  

quality and innovative apparel for consumers. Beyond its products, the brand’s mission is to provide every  champion a canvas to live their true purpose; rooted in the belief that champions are defined not by what  they make, but by what they do with it. Champion wants to inspire others to not just win, but to champion a  better tomorrow, and is dedicated to supporting creators by giving them a platform to tell their stories,  support their values, and communities. 

Champion apparel collections are available globally in flagship stores, select retailers and online  at 

Champion is a brand of HanesBrands (NYSE:HBI). 


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Champion What Moves You: Champion® Unveils New Global Brand Campaign

The iconic lifestyle brand born from sport serves as a canvas for culture, championing real creators not  just to win, but to champion a better tomorrow   Today, heritage streetwear and...

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