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Top 5 Reasons Why Playing Golf in Autumn Is A Great Idea

  • Written by Aalia Ray

Surely summer is coming to a close, but it doesn’t mean you cannot enjoy your favorite game in the fall. In fact, autumn is a great time to enjoy golf. Playing golf in the cool and crisp weather is a unique experience, and every player must try it at least once.

Besides, there are many golf courses Bend Oregon, which are great in autumn for a round. If you have never considered playing golf in the fall, here are top 5 reasons why it is a great idea…

Why golf in autumn is a great idea?

1. It is a perfect time to invest in golf

Usually, golfers select the beginning of the season to purchase their golf equipment such as golf bags or take golf classes. Well, it is not a bad idea, but certainly the prices are high during this time. On the other hand, in autumn, prices are pretty reasonable, and local golf tutors also have more time on hand to teach you better.

In simple words, you can improve your game by many folds in this time period. You can practice on your grip, and learn many more tricks.

2. Golf courses are easily accessible

It is obvious that greens are more accessible during this time as most players stop golfing in the fall. Golf courses are less crowded and the rates are competitive as well. Everything from rentals carts to golf course fees are available on discounted rates. Also, if you are a new player, less crowd around will make you feel more comfortable.

3. Courses are more maintained and in good shape

Well, since there is less crowd on the ground, the courses are well-maintained and in good shape. Ground keepers are having a great deal of time on hand to take care of the course properly. Besides, the scenery is just mind-blowing. The morning dew and multicolor foliage makes a breathtaking backdrop on the golf course.

4. Weather is far more comfortable for golfing

No matter how comfortably you are dressed, the summer heat will make you perspire as soon as you are out of the cart. Now, the fall weather can be a bit hard, but it is certainly a good change after experiencing the summer temperature. You can certainly expect some rains, but the temperature and humidity levels are perfect to play comfortably.

5. The winter golf rules are more flexible

Keeping the weather in mind, the golf rules are pretty relaxed during this time. For instance, when it is difficult to find the ball because of leaves, your group will have to estimate where the ball might have dropped. Now, such relax rules means less stress and more fun, and of course the games are quicker as well.

So, keep these 5 reasons in mind and don’t let the fall’s temperature keep you away from golf course. Especially if you are new to the game, this time can give you great opportunity to practice and take your game to the next level. So, what are you waiting for, contact today?

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