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The Latest Trends In Bathroom Design

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According to a report by Networx, a bathroom remodeling project costs between $14,459 and $28,918. While this may sound expensive, it is a worthy venture for three reasons. For starters, it will increase the value of your home, guaranteeing a 70.1% return on investment. Secondly, it will make your bathroom more functional. Lastly, but more importantly, it will transform an otherwise mundane room you spend a few minutes showering into a stunning, regal, and stylish space you will want to stay in for hours. Before embarking on a bathroom remodeling project or hiring a professional bathroom remodeling firm, it is important to research what is new and trendy. We spoke to Brad Lynch from Bathroom Renovations Melbourne who gave us the latest bathroom trends for 2020:

Floating Toilets

Floating toilets are also known as wall-mounted toilets, and they so happen to be the rage this year. With good reason, of course. Talk of a space-saving, sleek, and exotic design. Unlike standard floor-mounted toilets that come at a standard height, floating toilets can be fixed with your height in mind, provided they are 15 inches above the ground, making them all the more convenient. Additionally, they eliminate the cistern tank, which can be unsightly as this part is usually hidden behind the wall, supported by a steel or cast iron carrier. The only visible parts of a floating toilet are the suspended bowl and the flash button. Your bathroom will, therefore, be more spacious.

Open Showers

Open showers are popularly referred to as walk-in showers. They are just as luxurious as they sound. Some architects and designers refer to them as wet rooms. On the downside, they do limit privacy. They, however, make up for this by giving your bathroom a certain air of sophistication. They also give off an illusion of space. Furthermore, they are favorable for everyone, including those with disabilities.

Vanity Mirrors

Unlike in the 19th century, when mirrors were first used in bathrooms and only for functionality purposes, modern-day mirrors are stunning edgy centerpieces that impact and elevate the look of a bathroom. Vanity mirrors come in many designs and shapes, but the most popular at the moment are rectangular or floating ones. This comes shortly after the decline in popularity of circular mirrors, a trend that dominated the interior design industry for almost a decade. This changing wave can be attributed to the current appreciation for minimalism. Vanity mirrors can be placed either opposite of in front of windows or just above the sink. If you want to create a vertical feel, go for two long mirrors, and if you want to create an illusion of space, go for a single but wide vanity mirror. Consider adding lighting fixtures, say sconces, or art around the mirrors just to add some extra pizzazz.

Easy remodeling projects like swapping ordinary fixtures with metal ones made out of bronze, gold, copper, and brass can completely change the look and feel of your bathroom. The bathroom is a very vital part of any house, and just because it is not openly visible does not mean it shouldn't make a work of art. Please note, however, that the ideal bathroom renovation should cost only 10% of your home’s value.


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The Latest Trends In Bathroom Design

g According to a report by Networx, a bathroom remodeling project costs between $14,459 and $28,918. While this may sound expensive, it is a worthy venture for three reasons. For starters...

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