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How to Prepare for Your Child's Baptism

  • Written by Shan Ge

It's time for your little one to become baptized, which is so very exciting! If you're a religious Christian, then this is a really big day for you and your family. However, having a baptism requires a parent to be prepared. This means making sure everything is ready for the day of the ceremony and the celebration that will follow. Here are some tips on how to best prepare for your child's baptism.

Choose the church you want.

The first step to prepping for your child's baptism is choosing the church where you'll make this holy sacrament. Depending on your religion, you'll likely have a church of choice in mind for the ceremony. That said, if you practice Catholicism and wish to perform this sacred sacrament, but have just moved to a new town, you may not know where to go. Before you make plans, you need to get in contact with your desired church to make sure that you can have your child's baptism at their establishment. Once you're cleared and ready to go, you can pick a date to have the ceremony. In no time, you can look forward to the day and spread the word to all of your family and friends that it's time to gather for this sacred occasion.

Buy your child a baptismal outfit.

One part of a baptism that is easy to forget about is that your child will need an outfit for the day of their baptism. While it varies from community to community, you should know that some perform the actual ceremony without clothes and others will simply get your child's head wet. Make sure to speak with the priest or whomever is performing the ceremony to understand all of the details. While your child needs a nice outfit for the event, you can't forget that you, the potential godparents, and other involved members will want to have church-friendly attire too. Last, but not least, make sure to have clothes on hand for the celebration after the ceremony.

Plan a great celebration.

Most families have some sort of celebration when their child has their baptism. Instead of a boring get-together for after the ceremony, you should consider having fun attractions that will make your celebration even better like this Long Island bounce house. Clowns4kids is a party rental company based in Long Island where you can get all sorts of rental equipment for a reasonable price.

Using a rental company is a great way to ensure that you don't have to worry while you're trying to focus on enjoying the day for the baptized person of interest. So, go ahead and choose an inflatable rental, carnival games, photo booths, or cotton candy machines, tents to make your next party the best yet. In turn, you'll make a special day even better for everyone who gets to celebrate your little one's connection with the holy spirit.

Make sure you have keepsakes.

If you want other ways to remember this type of event, consider purchasing a baptismal candle that will allow you to remember this day for years to come. These candles make the perfect keepsake to commemorate your time. Plus, other types of supplies may come in handy on the big day like crosses, embossed napkins, certificates, special event announcements, pitchers, and robes that are usually needed during the ceremony.

It's also a wise idea to have someone take photographs and videos, if allowed, during the ceremony. This way, you have an interactive way to look back on your baby's baptism that will always be available. Once the ceremony and post-party are over, you should consider printing the photographs from the ceremony and arranging them in a photo-book. In this way, you'll have plenty of memories and keepsakes of one of the most important days in your child's life.

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