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Why is it a Good Idea to Replace a Faulty Pipe?

Leaks here, leaks there, leaks everywhere! This is what’s going to happen when your faulty pipes in the house are not fixed in time.

Pipe problems are hardly going to be the most pressing problem at home when it’s in good shape. But when it’s been giving you problems for ages now, it’s the best time to consider replacing them. It's one thing to get your pipes fixed, it's another thing to get it replaced. That’s why we’ve put together some rundowns of the whys and hows of pipe replacement for you to help you decide on this troubling matter.

How do pipes wear out?

We wish pipes last forever, but no plumber has ever discovered a way to make that happen just yet! Your pipes do a lot of work on a daily basis. Pushing so much water up and into small entry points in your pipe takes a lot of force and pressure. This puts a strain in your pipes, which over time grinds them away. Not to mention the times you’re not careful about what you flush down the drain which could also compromise the structural integrity of the pipe over time. When you have PVC in your plumbing, you might never have to worry about replacing them sooner, but when you have metal pipes, they need to be replaced at a certain point. That’s just the way it is!

Here’s a quick rundown of the situations where pipe replacement is a must.

  1. Corrosion and Aging pipes - Corrosion or buildup of scale and other sediments take place inside aging metal pipes. Which means, it didn’t happen overnight. It is a result of years of problems that have gone ignored or undetected. Considering there is a block, the water will be forced to work harder to reach you and to other users in the house. This will make the pipe reach the point of rupture or bursting from trying hard to keep up with the demand. Same goes with your sewer lines that are nearing its end of full service life. So do yourself a little favour. Replace the pipe as soon as possible or you’ll end up with an obstructed sewer line, water showing different colours from the buildup of rust, and full of sediments floating around.

  2. Cracks and Leaks - When plumbing pipes have little to major cracks and leaks, it would be more sensible to replace it. Once the structural integrity of the pipe is compromised, it will most likely get worse, which means more and more water will break away from the pipe, increasing the chances of damage to your home and resulting in skyrocketing water bills. Sewage, murky water, heavy metals, and other minerals too will have more chance to seep out from the pipe, leaking into your water supply which is dangerous to health. Cracks and leaks are difficult to spot; they can be tremendously insidious, making it difficult to catch and fix as soon as possible. Your water meter and your next water bill will never fail to give you an idea if there’s leaking in your plumbing. But, if it’s too hard to tell, ask a pipe replacement professional to make a visit for leak detection.

Why is Pipe Replacement Sydney a Good Idea rather than Pipe Repair?

  1. Great savings - If you have to keep paying a plumber to treat the symptoms without addressing the cause, your repair spending will just keep sloping upward and problems will just keep coming back. Plus, repairing the damaged portion of the pipe doesn’t mean the other weak parts will stay working the whole time. So, there’s likely a chance that you will need a plumber again to fix issues with that portion anytime soon.

  1. Stronger and longer-lasting pipe - Replacing pipes comes with a lot of advantages. One of them is the options of materials that offer a more excellent protection against root intrusion, leaks and water damage. For example PEX and new copper piping. They are sturdier and can hold up to different beatings, and years of usage.

  1. Cleaner water supply - When you have a corroded pipe, you probably wouldn’t be so excited to run your tap, drink the water or use your shower. Repiping gives you peace of mind that the water supply in your house is safer and cleaner.

  1. Able to keep up with multiple demands - Sturdier pipes means it will be able to keep up with different water demands at home. That means, every person in your house will be able to use the water simultaneously with the same pressure. If someone needs to use the shower and run the tap at the same time, then it shouldn’t be a problem.

  1. Better water pressure - Lots of things affect the water pressure in your home. When you have bad plumbing, you will see the difference in water pressure when a lot of people use the water at the same time. Better pressure means you can fill your water heaters faster too without having to wait all day long.

  1. Works more efficiently - Fixing only the damaged portion of the pipe won’t fix other weak points that may need repair in no time. Replacing the entire pipe will recondition the entire plumbing so it will work more efficiently like it was newly installed. Seamless and more reliable.

Don’t feel like you have to wait for something to go wrong before you change out the pipes in your home. In fact, it’s even a good idea to ask a Pipe Replacement Sydney professional to make a visit and inspect your plumbing as early as now. The earlier you know the problem, the cheaper the pipe replacement cost will be.

No matter what reason you have for replacing pipes in your home, make sure you hire for the job. We cater to different pipe replacement solutions such as drain pipe replacement, PVC pipe replacement, sewer pipe and underground pipe replacement. We can handle all types of plumbing works, big and small.

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