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How to Overcome Cigarette Urges | Tips to Stop Smoking

The urge to keep smoking can be so strong for cigarette users. But as the sayings go, a habit is a disease; you have the power to beat up the urge to smoke. Every smoker has a different mindset on how to overcome the urge to smoke. It’s your way of viewing things, the lens through which you interpret your world will help you quit cigarette smoking.

If you want to overcome your cigarette smoking habits, you must have a substantial mindset to let the cravings surpass not your mind. Believe it or not, each moment you resist the urge to use cigarettes, you are one step closer to quit using cigarettes ever.

In this guide, we will discuss ways to help you manage your urge to use cigarettes and quit smoking.

How to Overcome Cigarette Smoking Cravings

Seek Help

To beat your cravings, you don’t have to do this all by yourself. You can keep in touch with people you trust to help you through your mental health journey to overcome your feelings. Also, to kick start your journey to quit cigarette smoking, you can signup for online support websites to receive daily messages, guidelines, and strategies. You can download their free apps on your smartphone, where they can help you track your smoking craving to understand your patterns.

Think About Your Whys and wherefores For Quitting

You won’t be in a position to avoid all of your cravings instantly. But learning how to manage your cravings calls for practice. So you need to review your reason to constantly remind yourself why hard you want to quit cigarette smoking. Once you identify why this is so fundamental to kick start your smoke-free journey. Put it down on paper to continually reaffirm why you choose the quitting journey and what you need to keep doing to succeed.

Keep Yourself Busy

Being stuck in the same place for long only pave the way for you to entertain your emotions. Always ensure you get some time and tour around as you take a deep breath. Scientifically taking your breath via your diaphragm will help you get more air in and out of the lungs, which may help you comfort the physical warning sign of craving. Also, you can keep your mouth busy by chewing a stick of gum instead of smoking your cigarette.

Try Nicotine Replacement Therapy

Keep in touch with your doctor for more information about nicotine prescription in Australia. If you are struggling with difficult cigarette cravings, you can try a short-acting NRT. A good example is a lozenge or gum, which are harmless to use in combination with long-acting nicotine patches to get past the craving.

Ensure To Take Enough Water

Running your day without taking enough water can lead to dehydration. Allowing yourself to be dehydrated will trigger you feeling, which may increase the urge of you to smoke a cigarette. To fully control your craving to smoke, always take a glass of water when the urge is too high.

Finally, as a smoker is always wise to know that your urge to keep on cigarettes is not a call but a command; Always take your time to invest in what is important to avoid the thoughts of smoking.


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