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Unique Gifts for Your BFF

What do you get for your indescribable best friend? Do you stick with something simpler because you know it's the thought that counts? Or do you try to keep them on their toes with eclectic gifts that speak to their interests? No matter your gift-giving style or your friend's interests, there are always ways to invest in quirky, exciting gifts.

Whether you're giving them Delta-8 THC edibles to promote some added relaxation or you're picking out a succulent to add to your friend's growing collection, here are a few fun gift ideas that are perfect for your BFF.

A plant gift is always a nice touch.

Even if you don't have a green thumb to craft an entire bloomscape, there are still ways to give plant gifts and houseplants to any plant lover. Because houseplants and garden gifts are so diverse, you can use your inside knowledge of your BFF's lifestyle to determine what type of greenery would make for a great gift. Do you have a BFF who loves to get out and about so they might be a less-present plant parent? Get them a few succulents to place on their sill. Is your BFF a plant person who loves intricate blooms and unique planters? Sign them up for a plant delivery gift box filled with starter kids or beginner blooms that they can experiment with.

Since there are so many great indoor plants, you can shop around to find ones that work best for your BFF. Plus, plant delivery can help if you're not near a local nursery or garden store. Whether it's an orchid, snake plant, a seed gift box, or even some gift cards to their favorite plant store, houseplants make excellent housewarming gift ideas and welcome additions to any indoor garden.

Give them the gift of Delta-8 THC.

If your BFFs aren't outdoor gardeners or you don't think that cacti and green plants would make for a great gift, you can consider something a bit more recreational and fun. Brands like DeltaNorth constantly sell out of their D8 gummies which are like traditional Delta-9 THC but less psychoactively potent. Many users report a pleasant, uplifting high, and enjoyable buzz. Of course, if your bestie has never tried THC before or they have limited experience with edibles and gummies, they should talk to their primary care provider or get a doctor's advice before trying D8 products.

With any edibles or cannabis products, it's always smart to start low and go slow. Try a small amount or a bite of a gummy and gift it a couple of hours to take effect. That way, you can establish your initial tolerance and build up from there. Any time you or your BFF try the latest version of any D8 products, follow the same routine as different brands, strains, and formulas can hit users differently. Sellers should also provide lab reports to interested buyers so you can use this to make a smart gift decision.

Turn to a craft site for custom goods.

When you need a custom gift to delight your BFF, you can always turn to a platform like Etsy. If you accept Etsy's cookies and privacy policy, you can browse through thousands of unique storefronts that craft everything from clothing and accessories to homewares and decorations. You can browse social media and look at ad results to get ideas for unique gifts or hop onto a craft website to find a handcrafted product suited for your best friend.

With these unique BFF gift ideas, you have the tools in your arsenal to find a retailer that sells the perfect gift to tell your friends how much you value them.

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