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When Do I Need A Switchboard Upgrade?

Like the human heart, the electrical switchboard orchestrates the flow of electricity in buildings. It needs to always be in perfect form to direct the flow of electricity to where it is needed. Episodes of a blown switchboard result from continuous use of an old and outdated electrical switchboard. For homeowners and businesses who from time to time experience this electrical issue, it is best to upgrade to a piece of modern and capable equipment.

 Reasons to Upgrade to a New and Modern Switchboard

While frequently dealing with a blown switchboard is the ultimate indicator that it is time for an upgrade due to new appliances causing repeated trip switches Other signs pinpoint that the property needs an electrical switchboard upgrade. The following are some of those reasons:

Overcrowded Switchboard

Congestion is a bad thing wherever it happens. Filling the electrical switchboard with numerous wires, fuses, and other devices increases the chances of the building being affected by electrical hazards. Electricians recommend upgrading to a commercially-designed switchboard when this happens. 

Flickering Lights

Lighting fixtures significantly help in determining whether there’s an issue with a house or commercial space’s electrical wiring system. Bulb issues or wiring troubles usually cause this electrical emergency. But there are cases that the root cause is in the electrical switchboard. 

Melted or Blackened Fuses

The fuse has long been a staple in switchboards in old buildings. However, its use is no longer recommended in homes or commercial buildings. When a switchboard continues to use this device, it is best to upgrade to a modern electrical switchboard. The continued use of aging fuses can cause an electrical fire and other hazards. 


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Benefits Offered by a 3-Phase Switchboard

An upgrade to a 3-Phase Switchboard is best for buildings that still depend on an old switchboard. This modern switchboard was only used in commercial settings until a few years back. Its popularity in residential buildings comes from the fact that it is capable of handling a big amount of power demand. It is commonly recommended for homes with multiple air conditioning units and other appliances that demand a significant amount of electricity. This modern equipment also offers a more stable supply of electricity and a promise that appliances will enjoy a longer lifespan.Only a licensed ASP level 2 electrician can upgrade your switchboard to a 3 phase switchboard within Sydney!


The Final Verdict!

If you have any of the above issues, then we highly recommend contacting your local electrician to have your switchboard diagnosed. If you have a growing household with many electrical systems then you may be due for a 3 phase switchboard upgrade which only a level 2 electrician can perform. General residential electricians can repair and upgrade any standard issues on switchboards which can include: RCD switches, fuse boards, safety switches, circuit breakers, ceramic fuses and many more. Either way, do not delay and we highly recommend contacting an electrician technician as soon as possible!

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