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5 Factors to Consider Before Getting a Tattoo

Tattoos have a meaningful place in our lives. The artist carves your loved one’s portrait as memory or inside jokes with your pals. However, the inside story remains with you.

What matters more is that you depart from the artist’s place happily, getting that story inked on your body permanently. Additionally, the feeling of inking the first time is beyond everything.

However, there are a few things that you must keep in mind prior to inking a tattoo. First and foremost, learn the most and least painful places for tattoos and avoid future regrets.

After discovering that, consider the following five factors before getting your tattooed art.

  1. Research, Research & Research

The best way to begin is by pondering on what design and which artist to choose before you sit in that chair. Frankly speaking, a personalised design provides you delight for a lifetime. However, being sure before inking someone’s name or picture on your body is extremely important.

On the other hand, looking for a tattoo artist whose work amazes you on Instagram and in real is equally crucial. Furthermore, research whether or not the style of the artist and the tattoo are compatible with each other.

Take time to carefully settle on these two aspects before setting an appointment, as you’ll feel joy when you walk away from your session.

  1. Keep Safety in Mind

You have to be sure that the tattoo artist with whom you’re planning to ink a tattoo considers your safety. Based on the state’s laws, artists and shops need to possess a certain license. Have a glimpse at it.

Besides the license, have a glance at the saloon. Is it clean and the floors are non-porous? Do they follow social distancing, wear masks, sanitising properly? Does your artist change needles and use fresh ink?

A new tattoo is like an open invitation to wounds. Therefore, you should make sure that you look at all these aspects.

  1. Size and Location of the Tattoo

Well, tattoos can fade away! The outlines and design that look sharp in the beginning may blur over time. This also relies on the size and location of your tattoo. On that note, it’s crucial to determine the place and size of the tattoo.

Oftentimes, size is dependent on the location of the tattoo. Your thigh has larger space compared to your forearm.

If you’re still in a dilemma, then tattoo artists may help you determine both of the factors. Plus, they’ll provide you with the pros and cons of the location and size, which navigate you in making the right decision.

  1. Prepare Yourself Before Going to Salon

Believe it or not, getting inked is more of a mental game than a physical one. So, first and foremost, have a sound sleep the night before your appointment. That way, you’ll stay calm, which will assist you in staying strong while getting a tattoo.

Lastly, eat a healthy solid meal prior to your appointment. As well, carry some snacks, in case you feel hungry. The best – take a bar of chocolate because the chances of sugar getting down is huge during the process.

  1. Remember - It Will Hurt

Yes, it will pain! However, everyone’s tolerance levels differ. However, common factors to consider are as follows:

  • Getting inked over a bone will be much more painful.

  • The rib-age, undersides, inner thigh and sides of the torso are sensitive areas.

  • The head is also a sensitive area to get a tattoo.

Tattoo is a persistent commitment!

Yes, tattoos are prejudicially like a marriage. It will pain, make you feel good, bring you mixed emotions and so on. As a result, make sure your choice of design is wise. Also, learn a few things before getting your first tattoo. Once you got convinced with that, bear in mind the factors and ink the meaningful piece.

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