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What’s the Most Profitable Business to Start in 2021?

  • Written by Szilvia Sultes

If you're interested in starting a profitable new venture, you've landed on the right page. This article explores ideas for the best business for 2021.

Szilvia Sultés, our expert guest author here, drew inspiration from tech-driven startups and globally accessible online platforms in Hungary like Energycasino to create this piece. Let’s see what she has to say about 2021 business trends and opportunities.

Hungary is Hotting Up

Since Prezi was founded in 2009, Hungary has seen several other promising young tech and scalable companies. The expectation is that more future business ideas will rise from here.

It's an established central European base with English and German widely spoken. Plus, it's an attractive option for investors and aspiring entrepreneurs as an EU member and Schengen area.

Future Business Ideas

To take you into the next decade, you'll need to research future business ideas 2030 and beyond. Start by thinking about what people use every day and what challenges they need to overcome.

Can you offer a solution and grow it into a sustainable business? Look for prospects in everyday life. For example, the global pandemic and recent lockdown already led to innovations, and future business ideas 2020 adapted to meet these needs.

Here are some categories to consider as 2021 business trends:

Tech Support

With so many people operating online, IT and general technology help is a viable option. It ranges from essential support with computers and software to specialist services like protection and security against cyber attacks.

Developing Apps

If you're qualified in coding and developing new applications, this may be a profitable business opportunity. The use of smartphones and mobile devices creates a significant demand to have convenient access to everyday tools on the go.

You'll be able to work with everything from banking to shopping, gaming, and entertainment services.

Virtual Services

Virtual assistant services are on the rise, and you can perform them from anywhere in the world. If you're skilled in administration, finance, or a marketing niche, you can offer your expertise to others.

It's easy to set up, and possible without being based at their business.

AI - Artificial Intelligence

An extension of virtual service is offered via artificial intelligence that responds to voice prompts. Chatbots or website facilities are popular alternatives. These guide users through an online platform and provide remote support 24/7.

So if you're not the on-site assistant and can develop AI resources for others, you're heading in the right direction for future business ideas in 2030 onwards.

Another dimension to AI opportunities lies in upskilling and teaching users the latest tech developments in this field. You can guide others to keep up with innovation, embrace these changes, and work more efficiently alongside disruptive shifts in companies and communities.

E-Commerce Solutions

Online shopping continues to grow globally, and particularly for small to medium-sized players joining the ranks. If your new businesses can set up these platforms to run smoothly, it'll be in demand.

In addition to creating the portal, you can offer services relating to fulfilment, logistics, and distribution for SMEs or create a solution for younger players in the market to access networks that allow them to compete.

Once in place, you can add supplementary offers like customer helplines via a chatbot option. Or you can start setting up automated FAQ sections to help them navigate the process.

Diversified Offers

The gig-economy supports diversity in services and skills. It also promotes independent contractors and freelancers in select functions to fill gaps, rather than creating a permanent role.

It's an adaptable solution that's likely to see more support in the future as people embrace flexible lifestyles and prioritise work-life balance. Digital and technology capacity further support this as a remote working arrangement.

Key Takeaways

Technology pursuits are bound to remain in demand in 2021. You're highly likely to benefit and profit by adding innovative support systems and diverse remote solutions to your business offering.


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