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WordPress Themes and Plugins For Forex and Stock Trading Websites

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Effective websites are built with the user in mind. Every part of the site’s design and content is aimed at providing the best experience to the user. If you intend to use a website for your Forex or stock trading business, WordPress one of the best content management systems (CMSs) you can use. Latest statistics show that WordPress holds about 58 percent of the CMS market share and that almost 30 percent of all websites are run on this platform.

There are many things that make WordPress the CMS of choice for many people. Its rich store of themes and plugins is especially a point of strength and competence. Regardless of the kind of business for which you set up a WordPress account, you can never run out of tools to improve the site’s functionality. Here are 7 themes and plugins for Forex and stock trading sites:


1. Business and financial theme

This professional theme comes with a variety of options. You can use its different suites to match the needs of your visitors. Be it business colors, boxed layouts, or simple homepages, the theme will make your site stand out. The business and financial theme features a responsive design to ensure that your users can access the site using all types of devices – smartphones, tablets, laptops or desktops.

2. Forex Theme

The Forex theme also has a professional background. It will give your site a serious and authoritative tone which is good for trading businesses. When you check it out, you will notice that it starts with a header suite with different kinds of business-friendly colors. Its boxed layouts ensure an attractive professional organization of web content.

3. Forex 2 Theme

If your site majorly deals with information dissemination to your audience, this theme is a great enhancement for the site. It comes with a number of useful widgets and also uses shortcodes to improve the functionality of your site. Once you start using the Forex 2 WordPress theme, you will notice a boost in the traffic to your site. Additionally, the theme is compatible with various devices, meaning your visitors will always get a good experience regardless of the device they use.

It doesn’t matter the kind of information you provide your users with. It could be daily pips, economic announcements, or even comparisons of FX trader salary Australia and New Zealand. You want traffic; the Forex 2 theme will give you traffic.

4. Stock Ticker

This plugin is built mainly for pulling data from other sources (particularly from Google Finance) and displaying it on your Forex or stock trading site. It is great for quick website configuration and comes in various designs and forms including an animated format. It is a highly versatile plugin that allows you to customize your site using stock symbols and customized names. You can change the color of the plugin whenever you like to make it look like your site has a new feature. Forex 2 is surely one of the best financial widgets a stock trading site can have.

5. Premium Stock Market Plugin

The practice of trading several classes of investments across more than one stock exchange is quickly catching pace among traders. This plugin supports a wide range of asset classes such as stocks, currencies, treasury notes and major commodities. You can access nearly 70 stock exchanges including NYSE, NASDAQ, AMEX, the London Stock Exchange, Australian Stock Exchange, and Toronto Stock Exchange.

6. Stock and Forex Market Heat Maps

This is another plugin that makes trading world currencies and stocks easy. The tool gives you amazing trading insights through heat maps that show you the movement of different world economies. The maps give a straightforward overview of markets, but traders combine this information with other content on the website to quicker and better informed trading decisions.

In addition to this unique feature, the plugin uses different colors to display various trading indices and is compatible with all devices.

7. Easy Currency Converter

How convenient would it be for your users to be able to do currency conversions with just two clicks? With the Easy Currency Converter installed on your WordPress Forex or stock trading site, it is easy and fast to convert over 180 world currencies. Many Forex trading beginners find this tool very useful because it gives them an easy time converting one currency to another. The tool is also customizable and configurable, so it adds value to your site while increasing its efficiency.

For any site owner or designer, there is no greater joy than knowing that your site is useful to your users. Delivering good customer experience is your ultimate mandate. The above WordPress themes and plugins will make your Forex and stock trading site useful and captivating to your users and that should translate to more business value for you and them as well.


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