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How To Identify Signs Of Stress In Your Child

  • Written by Naomi Whittaker

Stress diminishes the performance of a child. It will also result in long term damage to the brain above health complications. Avoid stress by getting professional psychology homework assignments help to relief the pressure that comes with school work.

Stress comes from multiple sources. It is easier to handle when diagnosed early before it turns into depression or leaves life-long marks. Here are signs you will notice in your child indicating that he or she could be under stress.

  1. Lost Appetite

Most children will not eat when stressed. They go away from other people and will abandon activities they carried out with family or friends. When sitting at the table, the children will fail to finish their meals. Even their favorite food is not enough to cheer the child. Once you notice these signs, it is time to ask the hard questions and monitor other aspects that could be causing loss of appetite.

  1. Slow Pace in Completing Tasks

A child who was enthusiastic and rushed to complete tasks suddenly becomes slow. It appears like the child is being forced to take on these tasks. Stress causes children to lose motivation especially on activities that they previously engaged enthusiastically.

The mind is usually pinned on the issue bothering the mind. The thoughts also suck all the energy from the child, affecting the pace at which such a child can work. In fact, some of the tasks may remain uncompleted. You might be forced to coarse the child to perform activities that he or she naturally performed without persuasion. It is time to look for the cause of the stress.

  1. Excess Sleep

Has your child taken to sleeping more than normal? Stress could be taking a toll on your child and requires attention. Children will wake up at a particular time of the day to join family or friends in daily activities. In fact, some wake up earlier than adults because they are enthusiastic about going out.

When stress creeps into children they want to remain in bed longer and isolate from the rest of the family. In fact, they may begin having nightmares in their sleep. In other cases, they are not asleep yet want to just lie on the bed.

  1. Isolation

Is your child separating from the entire family and friends? The burden of stress could be taking a heavy toll. The child does not want to play with peers, eat, or engage in activities that were ordinarily performed together. Talk to the child and establish the reason for isolation.

  1. Disinterest in Activities that Were Interesting

A child who played football suddenly does not want to go to the field. Another one who watched cartoon or entertained the family has taken a break? Unless interest and energy has been directed onto other activities, you have every reason to worry about such a child. Inquire and seek to find a solution.

Children express their stress by changing behavior. A dip in academic work and abandoning activities that were previously interesting is a major sign of stress. Investigate and take appropriate action.

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How To Identify Signs Of Stress In Your Child

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