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How to Get Your Home Ready for a New Pet

When bringing a new pet home, you want them to feel welcome, at home, safe, and loved. You achieve all these by preparing your home for the new pet. This article enlightens you on how to get your home ready for your new furry friend.

  1. Pet-proof your home

As a pet owner, especially a first-time one, you might not know the things in your home that could pose possible hazards for your new pet. This is why you should pet-proof your property before its arrival. The primary potential hazard sources are toxic plants, medications, foods, and household items. Keep dangling wires from stereos, DVD players, telephones, and lamps well secured when pet-proofing your home. Put away kids' toys and ensure your air vents are covered.

Consider getting rid of all the toxic plants in your compound, including lilies, daffodils, azaleas, and tulips. Medications, chemicals, laundry supplies, and cleaners are a significant threat to pets. So, keep them locked away in cabinets or out of your pet's reach. Consider putting your shoes and laundry behind closed doors and cosmetics in inaccessible areas. Ensure electrical wires are out of chewing reach. If you're getting a new pup, the right puppy advice can come in handy when pet-proofing your home.

  1. Get the essential pet supplies

Before bringing your new cat or dog from the breeder, consider shopping for the necessary supplies to ensure your pet has all they need from the beginning. Find out what your new pet has been feeding on and shop for the same. If you're adopting a newborn pet, get them age-appropriate food and snacks. Shop for food and water bowls and a leash and collar.

Get a pet ID tag and microchip for your pet's safety. Buy or create a pet first aid kit and ensure it has the essential items to make it easy to handle minor accidents or injuries. Buy a pet bed, toys, grooming brush, toothbrush, nail trimmer, poop disposal, and other necessities your pet might need.

  1. Designate a pet’s space

As a pet parent, you want to ensure that your cat or dog is comfortable. Designating a convenient and cozy space for them can help better their lives. When choosing a space for your pet in your home, ensure it's the best and safe for them. You can create a pet room or find a pet nook and transform it into a comfortable space for them. You can create a perfect pet nook in the kitchen, entryway, laundry room, or under the stairs. If possible, design a pet spa where to groom and bathe them.

  1. Set family ground rules

Since the new pet will be an integral part of your family, you want to ensure everyone is on the same page. Let everyone know where in the house the pet is allowed to go, if they can be on the furniture, where they'll be sleeping, and who will be responsible for caring for the cat or dog.

  1. Buy an air purifier

While pets are good companions, their dander and shedding can trigger allergies. Consider investing in air purifiers meant for homes with pets to remove or reduce pet dander, clear the air, and eliminate tiny particles. When looking for an air purifier, consider the filter, noise level, size, and odor removal capability.


Prepping your home for a new pet is crucial to ensuring their safety, health, and happiness. Use these tips to get your home ready for a new pet.


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