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What Are You Paying For Power in Sydney?

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When you sign up for an electricity firm, it's unlikely that you read absolutely everything that you need to understand what you will be paying. You would probably just be eager to get set up and running in your home. Until they receive their energy bill, most people don't give much thought to how much they spend on power or whether or not the prices they pay are reasonable. And let's face it, nobody wants to pay more than they have to in order to power their home.

Knowing how to obtain a good electricity rate is good for your finances because electricity rates are the most influential factor in monthly power bills. The cost of your premiums will vary greatly depending on where you live. This suggests that prices may vary depending on location.

The purpose of this page is to educate you, the customer, on the topic of energy rates and prices.

Electricity Usage

The majority of households will need to use electricity for every living. It’s used for working from home, storing food, running generators, and electronics, and much more. You will usually have setup fees, late payment fees, and fees for no payment received. You will also have the standard electricity rate to pay.

Supply Rate: The cost per day to connect to the network that supplies energy. This is what your power bill calls a fixed, supply, or service charge.

Use Rates: Keep track of how many kilowatt-hours of electricity you use (kWh).

The market decides how much it costs to use something. The market rate for NSW was $32.74 per MWh (1100 AEST on Tuesday, April 20, 2020). But the price you pay depends on the contract you have with your electricity company. This is why we say to look around for the best deal.

Electricity Costs

According to Integral Energy, a major electricity supplier in New South Wales, peak residential energy costs in New South Wales can reach as high as 31.82 cents per kilowatt hour during certain times of the year. This sum does not take into account the state's sales and use tax on goods and services. During non-peak times, the price of electricity might fall to as low as 11.93 cents per kilowatt hour, which is a fortunate development for us (GST not included).

Tips for Reducing Your Bills

It’s always a good idea to reduce the cost of living, and one way you can do this is to find ways to reduce your electricity bill. Try these tips:

Energy-Efficient Lighting

Old incandescent or halogen light bulbs can increase your power bill significantly. Install energy-efficient bulbs. They use less power and last longer. LED light bulbs are energy-efficient but more expensive.

Adjust Thermostat

Unwise heating and cooling can be costly. Set your thermostat between 18 and 22 degrees to reduce heating bills by 10%.

Cold-Wash Clothes

Warm washes are preferable to cold washes, yet sometimes they're unnecessary. If feasible, use cold water for daily laundry. Hot water uses a lot of power. Use green settings and the right load size on washing machines. When feasible, hang your clothes outside rather than using the clothes dryer, which uses a lot of power.

Energy Monitoring

An energy monitor shows how and when you use power, helping you save electricity and lower your bill. Most smart metre users can monitor electricity, but other metre types need a metre attachment.

Check Appliance Settings

Adjusting appliance settings can significantly lower power bills. Check the fridge and TV. Use environmental settings on dishwashers, dryers, washers, and air conditioners whenever practical. Most households shouldn't mind monitoring appliance settings to save energy.

Compare Electricity Providers

Finally, compare electricity providers. Shop around for a better bargain if you've been with the same energy provider for years. Energy companies change their products and rates, so even if you got a fantastic bargain when you signed up, it may change next year.

Whether you rent or own your home, it is important for you to understand what you are paying for electricity.With average cost of electricity in Sydney still reducing over time, it’s a good time to save money on that particular household cost. And those tips above can help you to make even more of a good situation, should you want to do so.

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