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Add a little colour to your move - and life!

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How a little ‘colour’ and planning can take your Move, and make it a more enjoyable one

Colour plays a huge role in our lives, it can take us up, or if we choose, down.

But did you know that colour is also key to how professional Removalists/ packers and movers code their boxes, so they know where each one goes?


Colour takes chaos and eliminates it

How do professional packers know which box goes into which room? Well, they take each room and pack it, using a colour code.

So, if you’re moving home, the first thing to do is get different coloured labels and markers. Mentally imagine the living room to be the blue room, the kitchen to be the yellow room, the bedrooms to be the velvet rooms. And so on.


Labels aren’t fables

Professionals use them because they make your move as swift as possible- saving you time and angst in the process.

Once you colour code your labels, stick them onto the boxes.

If you want to get your kids (or even the neighbours’) involved in your move and make it fun, give the rooms ‘funky’ names that you’re or the kids come up with.

Call Dad’s room, ‘the Hairy room’, call the kids room, ‘the Fairy room’.

Let your imagination, not your move, run wild

Mark boxes with fragile items in them as ‘FRAGILE, so your movers know they must treat them, the way they treat the goods that are precious to you, with kid gloves - TLC.

You can get tape that displays the word ‘FRAGILE’ in large red letters from a Moving company in Sydney or the moving company you’ve hired for the job.


Leave the heavy lifting to a professional

Your home will invariably contain heavy items like books, washing machines, cupboards, beds and more. Avoid trying to life these items yourself. If you injure your back, it could complicate your move and even bring it to an abrupt end.

Professionals know how to do the heavy lifting for you and use specialised equipment that requires a license to operate.

If you have a lot of heavy items to move, get a professional moving company to handle your move for you. A move is simply not worth risking, injuring your back.


Plan early, hire movers with stamina and strength

In the moving business, one needs to be fit and strong. Professional movers are capable and competent. The best way to find a good mover is to enter a local search on Google on your phone, or to ask friends who’ve moved before for a reference.


From the team at Modern Australian, we wish you a safe, happy and peaceful move!



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