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Encouraging Confidence: 4 Simple Tricks to Build Children's Self-Esteem

  • Written by Chloe Taylor

Having a child is probably one of the biggest responsibilities in life, therefore if you truly want to raise a successful and confident child, then there are measures that need to be taken. It might be easier said than done, so for that reason, here are some simple tips that will help you make that happen.

Make sure to converse with your child

Talking to your child is one of the first steps toward building a fulfilling and meaningful parent-child relationship. Also, that means having conversations that sometimes might be uncomfortable, especially if they revolve around the self-esteem and your child’s future. Whenever you sit down to have a talk, it’s important to use the right tone, so your child will get the right message. Avoiding talking about certain subjects will only make it worse, therefore, being ready to discuss certain topics and talking to your child in a constructive and thoughtful manner are the best ways to build your little one’s self-esteem.

Before you make a comment, take a pause and reflect

Children can be incredibly sensitive, even though they don’t appear that way. Therefore, every comment can sometimes leave a lasting mark on your child’s self-confidence, even well into their adulthood. This is important to mention because there is a fine line between telling your child the truth and being outright hurtful in your so-called realistic approach. Point out your child’s flaws should always be done kindly and patiently, so they will feel ready and determined to work on improving themself. So, before you decide to lash out due to a bad grade or stained tee, make sure to stop and reflect: Is a harsh comment really necessary at the moment? Are there more compassionate ways to communicate your issues? How can I say this without causing my child any grievances? Once you decide to take this approach, you’ll soon realize that your child will be more open and willing to talk to you.

Don’t underestimate the importance of socialising

Every child needs friends, especially when they’re toddlers because being with friends will help them develop the right communication skills and improve their vocabulary. Hence, sending your child to a fun playgroup date where they can develop to their maximum potential will help them grow into a well-behaved and smart individual. Besides, playing with their peers while being monitored by experienced staff will teach them new skills and teach them the importance of having friends and being sociable. Learning how to be outgoing and chatty is a great skill that can help all children, especially if they’re shy and don’t seem to like talking a lot.

Show them the importance of nurturing one’s talents and setting goals

Not all kids seem to have an obvious talent or proclivity for something, hence, finding your child’s talent and nurturing their interests will be of great use if you want them to be self-reliant and confident. Whether they prefer tennis, art, ballet, boxing or creative writing, it’s important to let them explore different activities until they find something that they like. Additionally, never aim to push your child towards a certain sport or activity just because it seems like something you would do. A parent should never force their ambitions on their children, as that usually never ends well. Your child should be an independent individual with their own ambitions, goals and interests, so if you truly want to help your kid succeed, show them the importance of setting goals and being productive and ambitious.


These tricks might not seem simple at first, but once you learn to implement them, you’ll see that focusing on your child and being an attentive parent isn’t that hard. Always remember that criticising your child works, but it needs to be done carefully and with tact. Similarly, you should be striving to show your child the importance of being sociable and friendly, and don’t forget that teaching them to be determined and focused will surely build your child’s self-esteem and resilience.


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