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How to Become a Professional Fitness Trainer

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Professional fitness training is big business. It is capable of getting about 10 billion dollars a year to the industry according to market research. Fitness is an industry that is continuously growing - offering a number of promising jobs and careers to dedicated individuals. 

Professional fitness training is a flexible career. If you have potential - just a quick entry and you can find yourself at the peak of success – all that just with a little dedication and hard work. When we say it is a flexible career, we do not mean it metaphorically. You can get into the fitness industry as a fitness coach with a high school degree; however, to get the experience of a professional and personal fitness trainer, you will need to upgrade your education. 

Learn about everything it takes to become a professional fitness trainer, the lies inside the world of fitness training and much more. 

Get Certified as a Professional Trainer

If you have decided that professional fitness training is the thing for you, and you want to adopt it as a full-time profession, you wouldn’t want to get into the fitness world with just a high school degree. Although it is possible to become a professional trainer with only a high school degree, it is strongly advised you to get a professional degree or a personal trainer certification. This will pave the path to success for you in this career. 

Choose an accredited institute to get certified. The certifying organizations have their protocols and rules & regulations, usually accredited by a third party institution. Do proper research of the organization you have opted to get certified from. Surely, all certifying organizations have an online website. Inquire about things like whether it is universally recognized, its perquisites, minimum scores, exams, age, fees, etc. 

Finding a Professional Fitness Trainer Job

One of the best things about professional fitness training is that there is not just one place where you can expect to get accepted, but various. You can get employed by businesses and work as a full time professional or work independently and / or on contracts. Hiring Personal fitness trainers is the new trend these days. Fortunate for you, you can work for one or multiple individuals as a personal fitness trainer. If you are a newbie and are just starting, do so with a health club. Health clubs or gyms are best for starters as they do not only get them a job but also experience and teach things to shape them as professionals. Besides, the opportunities become endless once you are experienced enough – you can run your own fitness business, work on contracts for celebrities and other people, etc., all that without the fear of messing up just because you don’t have any professional experience

Here is a list of places you can start your fitness training career:

Gyms and Health Clubs

The best way to kick start a fitness career is to start with a gym. Popular gyms hire trainers all the time, recruiting their staff. The downside of working with gyms is low pay at the start, especially from fresher and longer working hours. 

Personal Training Studios

There are training studios that focus on personal training of individuals, unlike gyms. However, personal training studios are usually specialized as they provide training to either individuals or small groups; hence they require experience along with a specialization certificate. But once you get in, you can earn way more than the gym, both in terms of money and experience. 

Community Centers

The local communities in your town can also use some professional fitness experts. Almost all communities have fitness clubs; try your luck as they are usually in need of trainers with good enough experience. 

Hospitals and Health-Care Centers

This might surprise you; the hospitals need fitness experts along with doctors to help treat ill patients and make their recovery quick. Though, you will need to have a special degree from a medical school or an authentic certificate from an accredited organization to work in a health care center as a professional fitness trainer. The reason is that unlike gyms and fitness clubs, hospitals host people with serious health issues and body damages which need special care that only a person with adequate knowledge can that. 

Cruise Ships

Cruise ships are yet another great place to start your fitness career. Many cruise ships have personal fitness clubs and need fitness trainers to cater to their guests. 

Resorts and Spas

Resorts have gyms and spas need personal trainers. You can apply and get hired either as a professional or personal fitness trainer. 

Get a Specialization

If you have your client-base sorted out, your work can become a whole lot smoother and easier, not to forget fun. Developing a sense as to what type of clients you want to work for can help you a lot. You will have more to offer to your clientele, and with a specialty, you can charge more for specific services you specialize in. 

Here are some options for starters to look at when starting a fitness career:


A specialization in athletics and sports can lend you a job in Real Madrid or such –no kidding fellas. You help the athletes, and sporty dudes with balance sprained ankles, speed, agility and overall performance. 

Lifestyle and Management

A specialization in lifestyle and management can get you clients in need of behavioral changes and replacing bad habits with healthier ones. 

Orthopedics and Medical

For this, you are going to need a certificate such as an MES (Medical Exercise Certificate) from reputable, recognized institutes. This kind of specialization allows you to help adults with bone and joint problems as well as muscular and agility issues. 

Nutrition and/or Special Population

With this certification, you get to work with people with special needs. A certificate and/or degree in nutritional sciences allow you to help adults and children in healthy muscle gain or weight loss.

There are no limitations. You can get multiple certifications and get specialization in two or more fields at a time, and use them at different places at the same time. 


Getting into the fitness industry and make your name in it as a professional fitness trainer is not hard – but it needs time and demands dedication. Aside from that, one thing you must keep in mind is the more qualified you are, the more swiftly will you move towards success in this field. Once you are done improving your skills through workshops, classes and seminars etc., start off with small places to get experience. Later, you can start your own fitness business, market yourself and become indispensable to your clients.

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