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How to Get Started with Cross Stitching

Do you want to cross stitch but don't know where to start? Don't worry; cross stitching is not as scary as it may seem. When first starting, it is recommended to get a cross stitch pattern and some thread. There are many cross stitch kits available online for free or at your local craft store.  

This cross stitch Australia kit includes everything you need for creating amazing embroidery patterns on cushions or cloth from white Aida, thread colours to counted cross stitch. In this article, you will discover some necessary steps and tips to get started with cross-stitching. Take a look!  

Steps to Begin with Cross Stitching Embroidery Technique 

Step1: Once you have cross-stitching supplies, it's time to get started. First, choose your cross stitch pattern. Make sure that the cross stitch design is not too detailed or small for someone just starting. I would recommend looking at cross stitch patterns with only 100 crosses per inch of fabric! The simpler designs are easier to complete and will help you with your cross stitching skills. 

Step2: Next, choose the colour cross stitch thread you would like to use for this project. Cross stitching is a form of embroidery, and there are many weights or thicknesses of cross stitch threads available in craft stores. I recommend starting with a size 20 weight cross stitch fabric which will have fewer cross stitches per inch of fabric. 

Step3: Cross stitch thread is packaged with a cross on the top that corresponds to what cross stitch pattern it goes with. If you are new to cross-stitching, I recommend choosing an easy cross stitch pattern and colour combination based on these charts! Once you have selected your cross stitch design and colour, look for one of the cross stitching needles that come with the cross stitch kit you purchased. These are usually labelled "cross stitch needle" or something similar. 

Step4: Next, cut your cross-stitch fabric to size using either a paper trimmer or scissors before beginning cross-stitching. A standard piece of 14 count cross stitch fabric is 12 inches by 14 inches. To cross stitch on this piece of fabric, you will need to use a hoop. You can find hoops in most of the cross stitching kits in the market or online. 

Vital Cross Stitching Tips For Beginners 

  • * Ensure that your stitches are not too loose or tight when completing your cross stitch pattern. Loose cross stitches will cause the fabric to stretch, and your cross stitch may lose its shape. However, tight cross stitches can break needles, damage thread, or even tear holes in your fabric.    
  • * You don't need to knot or secure your cross stitches when starting a new section. Instead, complete each cross stitch by weaving through the fabric in one direction until no cross stitch thread is left. Also, if you cross over the same colour too many times, your pattern might get muddled, and it is harder to see what's going on - don't do it.  * 

Final Thoughts 

The cross-stitching industry is a multi-million dollar industry. However, it might be intimidating for beginners because of the many materials available online. Thus, it's hard to know where to start. That's where this article might assist you. It will help you get started with cross-stitching by breaking down the process into easy steps and tips.

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