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Birthday Parties

Birthday parties are intended to be memorable for those having the birthday and those attending the party. Back in the day, birthday parties were associated with assorted color balloons, streamers, a simple sheet cake, etc. Currently, they are associated with enormous balloon centerpieces, character impersonators, mobile laser tags, video game arcades on wheels, and much more. Today, birthday parties have become the perfect opportunity to link up with friends and take those memorable photos. It reveals that things have safely gotten out of hand.

How to Make a Simple Birthday Party

Are you planning to throw a birthday party on a budget? Yes, it can be possible without even going overboard or having the world's lamest shindig. Here are several tips to help you throw an affordable birthday party without sacrificing any of the fun!

  1. Limit your guest list
  2. Make your invitations online via email or text
  3. Search for free printables for your birthday decoration
  4. Try to pick out a birthday party theme you already have decorations for.
  5. Use the dollar store for party supplies

Kids and Teens Birthday Parties

Planning for your kid's birthday party can be complicated. The guest list might be forever changing. However, use your finest judgment to settle on the best way to throw a birthday party or is feasible with the COVID-19 restrictions. Suppose you plan to celebrate your kid's birthday party with a get-together. In that case, we advise you to follow the laid state's safety protocols and precautions by ensuring that everyone has masks and maintaining social distance at the event. Over and above that, you can keep your groups small or host an outdoor event. For any gathering that cannot be kept socially distanced, you require COVID-19 testing before the planned gathering.

Where to Host Your Kid's Birthday Parties

Some of the events like your kid's birthday party are very special to them. These birthday parties should be fun for your kids to make them feel special. However, hosting your kid's birthday party in any outdoor space can be challenging, especially when deciding on the venue. There is no better, fun, and memorable way to celebrate your kid's birthday party than at Timezone.


We have dedicated party hosts that will organize the fun at your kid's birthday party and make your child feel like they have hit the party jackpot. Timezone is a sparkling joint that will knock your kid's and teen's bobby socks off and take the event to a new level. We have lots of surprises, awesome games, preloaded power tickets to make your kid's birthday party fun and memorable.

Why Choose Timezone As A Venue For Your Kid's Birthday Party?

It is always a hassle to host a birthday party at home – putting pressure on setting up activities that will entertain the kids, clean-ups, and spaces. At Timezone, we have family-friendly and spacious arcade venues that are the best for your kid's birthday party. It is a place with plenty of games, bumper cars, laser tag, bowling, and more that will create the most memories your kids will ever forget.

Book Your Kid's Birthday Party

Timezone offers an easy online booking process. We have over 40 Timezone locations you can choose from. If you need further assistance in bookings, you can reach our customer service representative via a call.


At Timezone, we offer birthday planning, birthday management, birthday decor, and themed birthday parties to make your kid’s birthday party fun and memorable. We assure you the best for your kid and friends with a variety of games available!

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