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How Startups Can Maximize Brand Exposure: 6 Simple Tricks

  • Written by Chloe Taylor

There are many reasons why startups flounder. They might fail to provide quality products or services that match the existing ones on the market, or they price them too high. Perhaps there is no unique selling point, which makes it much more difficult to enter a saturated market. However, one of the problems that can nip the project in the bud is failure to get enough marketing exposure. If you’re about to start a new business and have little or no experience in the process, we suggest you read this list of tips for boosting your brand exposure from day one.

Harness the power of social media

It goes without saying that you need to be present on all relevant social media platforms if you want people to hear about you and reach you. Also, you shouldn’t just create accounts and use them as a point of contact. It’s actually the content that you create on those platforms that can really help you get your message across to a wide audience. So, don’t forget to post blogs, videos or contests regularly and make sure they are informative and attractive.

Get positive reviews

Most of us rely on reviews and recommendations when looking for a particular product or service. It’s actually estimated that more than 90% of consumers read reviews before making a purchasing decision. Also, a great majority of them are willing to post a review if asked. That is something you need to use to your advantage and ask them to post reviews on social media, forums and other places where such comments are published. The more positive reviews you have, the better your reputation will be.

Content is king

As we’ve already established, all your accounts and profiles should be used to inform people about your business, educate them about what makes your offer stand out and drive more traffic to your website. However, for that last thing to happen, the content you create needs to be relevant, informative and engaging and people need to be able to share it easily via social media or email. By sharing your content, people will be advertising your company and the word will reach those you might not have tapped otherwise.


You want your prospective clients to interact with the information about your offer as often as possible, because that’s how your product or service becomes a household name. Remember that people are more likely to buy something they have heard being talked about than something they’ve never heard about. This is where SEO can really help, as many Australian companies have already discovered. Namely, small businesses down under are working hard to create content related to their product or service. They need to know what people are looking for when they search for relevant products or services and to make sure that their website is optimised and quick to load. If this is something you don’t think you can do on your own, turn to experts, such as these Sydney SEO professionals, who can help you achieve much better ranking, thus making you more prominent.

Offer great customer service

No matter how outstanding your offer might be, all your efforts will be in vain if you don’t provide excellent customer service in the end. Think about how you’d like to be treated and then go an extra mile to provide a great experience to all those who opt for your offer. Clients treated with respect who have their issues fixed quickly and efficiently are extremely likely to share their positive experience with others, which enhances your brand image. After all, word-of-mouth advertising remains the most powerful tool for building a brand.

Get early exposure

Everything we’ve suggested here should be done as early as possible, because that is the way to ensure an early spike of interest, which is important if you want to get an edge on your competitors. Also, the higher the interest, the easier it is to sustain it, especially on some online platforms, such as Amazon. Namely, Amazon ranks every product in every category and you want to be ranked as high as possible by the Amazon machine from the beginning, since it means it will take much longer to float back down to the bottom. In a nutshell, this all leads to more sales, which is your ultimate goal.

These tips are supposed to help you familiarize as many people as possible about your brand and the products or services it offers. The most important thing, as you can see, is to create such an experience for your clients that they start recommending your brand to others. Once more people start treating you as someone who can meet their needs in an efficient and cost-effective way, you’ll know that you’ve created a great brand image. At the same time, your task is to make sure such an image is spread as wide as possible. This is not easy, but it’s far from impossible. If you plan your actions carefully, you’ll be able to reap the benefits of your effort relatively quickly.


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