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Handy Hazard Prevention Tips for Aussie Businesses

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Every business, no matter what the industry or how large or small, will face various risks and safety hazards. It’s virtually impossible to avoid problems entirely, but there are things business owners and staff can do to minimise hazards and improve overall safety within the work environment.

Let’s go over some handy hazard prevention tips for Aussie businesses, so you not only remain compliant with the law, but also create a workplace that’s safe and secure for all concerned.


Perform Regular Safety Inspections

Safety inspections may include things like having an expert come in periodically to check over machinery, calling in an electrician or plumber to do a maintenance check, tasking a manager or staff member to go around the premises and look for anything that could present a hazard or looks like it might be a problem area that needs addressing.

If you want to go the full distance regarding safety inspections, you could arrange to have a workplace health and safety inspector come in and pinpoint any areas of your operation that need to be rectified. This can save you from being in breach of the rules and regulations that may come about through a random inspection by a governing authority.


Implement Risk Management Strategies

All businesses should look at adopting risk management strategies. Not all business risks are related to health and safety. Some mishaps can shut down your operation, slow things down or lead to your business losing money.

The best way to tackle problems is to try and avoid having to face them in the first place. That’s what risk management is mostly about. Not only minimising the impact of risks if they come about, but recognising potential weak spots and plugging the holes before they can even present a problem.

Write out anything you can think of that might present a risk to your operation and then rate those items on the list from 1 to 10, with 10 being a top priority or a risk that is most likely to eventuate. This way, you then know what to focus most of your attention on.


Hold Team Meetings To Discuss Concerns and Safety Issues

Team meetings should be held on a regular basis as well, if the goal is to avoid hazards and mishaps in the workplace. During these staff meetings, everyone can offer their input and feedback regarding any potential hazards or problem areas, or how business operations, in general, could be improved for increased safety as well as improved productivity.

Every member of staff is a potential source of valuable information, so it only makes sense to seek the input of all employees. One person may notice something that no one else has.


Keep the Business Premises Free of Clutter

One of the most common issues in a work environment is having too much clutter around. Congested workspaces can lead to accidents, such as trip and fall incidents, or even damage to expensive equipment.

A well-organised workplace that is free of clutter is not only far safer, it also leads to an increase in productivity and will improve the mood of everyone who works there.

Keeping your business premises low on clutter should be an ongoing priority for business owners and everyone can contribute to making sure the place is clean, tidy, organised and clutter-free.


Hire a Workplace Health and Safety Professional

If your business is beyond small and you have the budget and the need for it, you could consider hiring a workplace health and safety professional to oversee hazard reduction and safety in the workplace, along with developing and implementing risk management plans and strategies. This way, you can have an individual who is fully focused on ensuring everything is running smoothly.

Along with regularly liaising with owners, managers and members of staff regarding risk and health and safety management, you can also arm them with risk management and workplace health and safety software to help with this. Dedicated software of this nature helps to monitor your business, makes reporting incidents a breeze and gives you peace of mind that your business is in good hands.


The Wrap

Reducing hazards and risks in the workplace is really the responsibility of everyone who works there and if everyone contributes, you’ll be able to make your business extremely safe and very profitable.


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