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Every Thing You Need to Know Before Going to Aftershock Festival

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If you're a fan of rock and metal music and songs, it's hard to ignore the atmosphere of the Aftershock festival. Since 2012, this festival has dominated the world of metal and rock of this generation.

After celebrating 8 different festivals, this time we will have the ninth festival. We all know that the Aftershock Festival presents all metals and rock as well as all genres of metal and rock together for the public.

And we don't need to say how much the audience loves the show! This festival will take place in October 2020. And if you are there for that, get the most enthusiastic information on the best metal show of all time. More info and tickets are available at

Details of Aftershock Festival:

Do you remember the Aftershock Festival 2019? Yes, it was an incredible show that had no limits. Aftershock Festival is a function that takes place every year. The sponsor of this program is Monster Energy. This replica festival is held in Sacramento, California. People who love metal songs can never ignore this festival as it is one of the biggest metal festivals of the year in the world.

Yes, you guessed it, this Aftershock festival is essentially a combined festival of rock acts and culinary acts. In 2020, the Aftershock Festival will be presented to the public for the ninth time! Yes, 9 years of this festival will be incredibly celebrated by members of Aftershock as well as by the public.

The Aftershock festival started in early 2012, nine years ago. At the start of the festival, a one-day concert was planned. This concert made a huge change in the world of metal. After becoming popular, this Aftershock festival gained momentum and the concert was extended to a one-day concert. And as the concert became very important and all the fans of rock and metal wanted a concert that would satisfy them, the concert was extended to a concert of 3 days recently.

Aftershock Festival 2020 Lineup:

The latest version of the Aftershock festival will be led by metal heavyweights Metallica and rock specialists My Chemical Romance. The first will be the main attraction on the first and last day of the music fair. However, My Chemical Romance is reserved to light up the second day.

Other notable acts on stage include Halestorm, Korn, Slipknot, Rob Zombie, Lamb of God, Stone Temple Pilots, A Day to Remember, Blink-182, etc. If you are interested in attending this spectacular rock and metal music carnival, now is the time to book your tickets and make plans. So don't waste a moment and take action.

Aftershock Festival 2020 Location:

The festival will take place at Discovery Park, located at 1000 Garden Highway in Sacramento reported on Ticket2concert.

Aftershock Festival Map:

Aftershock Festival Allowed Items:

  • Mobile phones and small portable chargers

  • Hats and sunglasses

  • Earplugs

  • Solar cream

  • A factory-sealed water bottle.

  • Binoculars

  • Sealed cigarette packets

  • Pens and electronic cigarettes.

  • Light towels and blankets.

  • Small digital camera

Aftershock Festival Not Allowed Items:

  • There are no coolers or picnic baskets.

  • There are no video cameras

  • There are no chairs of any kind.

  • No drones

  • No selfie sticks

  • No fireworks or explosives.

  • Without weapons of any kind.

  • No colors or patches.

  • No chains, chain wallets or nails

What bags are Allowed and not Allowed in Aftershock Festival?

General Questions Related Aftershock Festival:

Is alcohol sold?

Yes. Beer, wine and mixed drinks will be sold to those with valid ID.

Is there camping during the event?

No, no overnight camping or parking is allowed during our event.

On what stage and at what time will the bands play?

A full schedule with fixed times will be published about 2 weeks before the show on our schedule page and social media pages.

Will back-to-school be allowed at the festival?

No. Once you have entered the site daily, you will not be allowed to exit and re-enter. Plan accordingly.

What ages are allowed?

This is an event for all ages. All participants must purchase a full fare ticket regardless of their age. We strongly recommend that parents provide hearing protection for their children.

What About Food in Festival?

With such a long festival, you will surely be hungry. Fortunately, Aftershock has no shortage of food trucks and hamburgers and barbecue vendors.


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