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Ice cream and biscuit: a winning combination

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Can you imagine a world without contrasts? In paintings, we use contrast to give more precise contours to objects, landscapes, human figures, etc. Without contrast, everything looks flat, mundane, and boring. The same goes for food; if you think bitter-sweet is the only kind of contrast, think again. 

Playing with different textures enriches the eating experience. It can also make your taste buds go crazy. Think about it for a second: nachos and dip, bread and soup, jam doughnuts.

The texture is scientifically proven to be a determinant factor in whether we like some foods. According to recent studies, our brains prefer crunchy food to other kinds. No wonder why ice cream and biscuits are so amazing together. 

Playing with your senses

Why are crunchy foods great, though? They can even help kids to develop sensory processing skills! The reason behind it might be our natural ability to perceive location and movement. This ability is called “kinaesthesia” or “proprioception” and helps us to bring a fork to our mouth even when the lights are off, without the risk of piercing our eyes instead. 

We have proprioceptive sensors all over the body and plenty of them in our mouths. The noises we hear while eating something crunchy might also trigger evolutionary instincts from when crunchy food meant fresh food, like vegetables, fruits, and nuts. That’s why an ice cream sandwich can throw a party in your mouth.

Top 3 recipes with ice cream 

Did you know that ice cream sandwiches were invented in the United States in the 1940s? All that matters is this great dessert has never left our fridges since. Why not make them even greater, though? With a bit of imagination and effort, you can make unforgettable recipes using ice cream sandwiches. Check a few of them below and prepare your proprioceptive sensors!

Homemade Ice Cream Sandwich

You can make these delicious sandwiches at home! In this recipe, you’ll bake your own biscuits to go with vanilla ice cream. So, the first step is to make the cookie dough and choose the size of each biscuit. You’ll need all-purpose flour, cocoa powder, unsalted butter, granulated sugar, and vanilla extract. Leave the vanilla ice cream out for about half an hour to make it more easily spreadable on the biscuits. Assemble the sandwiches and place  them back into the freezer, and voilà!

Baked Alaska

This is not the traditional recipe for baked Alaska, but it’s still delicious!
Get eight fantastic joy-filled sandwiches and add 1.5 litres of ice cream. You’ll also need three egg whites, sugar, and cream of tartar to make the merengue. You can further please your taste buds by adding a jam of your choice. Cover the sandwiches with meringue and brown them up with a blow torch.

Frozen Banana Split

Here’s a quick and easy recipe where you don’t need to torch anything or spend hours in the kitchen. All you’ll have to do is to assemble the following ingredients: banana split ice cream, a box of ice cream sandwiches for the crunchy part, sliced banana and chocolate.
Cover it with a whipped topping to complete your sweet.

Taste the Summer

This summer has been one of the hottest on record. Enjoy this time to try all these delicious frozen recipes. Don’t freeze your creativity, though: ice cream sandwiches are very versatile and can be used in various recipes as quick snacks or fancy desserts.