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Why you should be wearing face sunscreen in 2023 and beyond

If you’ve got to the end of 2022 and aren’t wearing a facial sunscreen on the reg, then it’s time to turn over a new leaf!

Whatever your reason for having ditched the suncream up until now, we officially don’t want to hear it, because, in 2023 there are so many wonderful formulations that can work for everyone. Keep reading to find out just why you should apply SPF to your face and our best picks.

Why wear face sunscreen?

The important thing is that you’re wearing an SPF on your face (regardless of whether it’s for body or specifically face).

As the part of skin most exposed to the sun, it’s really vital that you take care of it to avoid dangerous consquences like skin cancer, or pesky ones like wrinkles. Wearing a specific face sunscreen however is ideal as it’s formulated specifically for this sensitive layer of skin. You can also find one suited to your skin type, and they are way less likely to make you break out as opposed to thicker body sunscreen formulas.

How to choose a facial sunscreen?

When it comes to finding your new facial sunscreen in 2023, there are a few things to consider including:

  • Skin type: Consider choosing an oil-free sunscreen if you’re prone to acne, or something more hydrating if you have drier skin.

  • SPF protection: Opt for a minimum of SPF30 protection or SPF50+ ideally for superior protection and a broad spectrum sunscreen to prevent fine lines.

  • Finish: Consider if you want a matte or glowy finish and choose accordingly.

  • Chemical or mineral sunscreen formula: Not everyone is bothered by their SPF formula, but in case it’s something that interests you, read the labels to choose your preferred option.

2 Best Face Sunscreens in 2023

  1. Zinc Sunscreen from Ultra Violette

This is a gorgeous SPF50+ sunscreen formulated using zinc oxide. It’s fragrance-free, making it a winner for sensitive skin types in particular as well as those who don’t want their face smelling of roses. It’s not like traditional zinc sunscreen either - this one doesn’t leave behind a trail of sticky, grey, or whiteness. Instead there’s just a subtle matte finish which slides over your other skincare and under your makeup perfectly.

  1. Supreme Screen from Ultra Violette

The best ‘all-rounder’ sunscreen for your face. This one has an ultra hydrating formula making it great for dry to normal skin types. It’s hydrating with a satin-finish and offers SPF50+ broad spectrum protection. It’s spiked with brightening Kakadu Plum too - a native Australian ingredient with 50 times more vitamin C than an orange!

Inspired to start wearing a face sunscreen in 2023? Whether you opt for a specific product or rub on your body SPF, just remember to apply some form of sun protection (as well as protective clothing and seeking shade where possible).

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