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5 Beginner Projects You Can Make with Arduino Starter Kit

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Have you just purchased your first-ever Arduino Starter Kit?

You must be more excited than ever to create some cool projects with your kit.

When it comes to Arduino projects, there are so many options to choose from. In this blog, we will cover some beginner projects that will help you understand how to work with the kit.

You can begin with the most simple project according to you and once you feel comfortable, you move on to more detailed projects with your Arduino Starter Kit. Before we begin with the project, make sure to download the free Arduino software called Arduino IDE. You will use this software to write the pieces of code, depending on the project.

Simple Project Ideas to Create with the Arduino Starter Kit

  1. Arduino Battery Tester

This is an interesting project to begin if you know how to work with an Arduino board. This is a fairly simple project to test the batteries with the kit. To start with, you need:

  • Arduino board

  • LEDs

  • Zener diode

  • Jumper wires

  • Bread board

With these components, you can easily build a simple battery tester that lets you find the amount of battery capacity left. You can use a set of LEDs as a measure to find an approximate amount of juice in the battery.

You get to use a zener diode in this project. It’s a special type of diode that allows the backwards flow of voltage, which acts as a sensing element to determine the current level of battery capacity.

  1. Arduino Switch Setting with LED

If you have never used a switch before, then test out this project to learn how to code and work with a switch. For this project, you need:

  • Arduino board

  • Push button switch

  • Jumper wires

  • Bread board

  • LED

  • Resistors

  • USB cable

You can use the resistors to connect the switch and the LED. You can then write a small logic code for turn on or off the LED when you press the push button switch.

After uploading the code to the board, you can test the code, troubleshoot the code and the connections if it isn’t working and then fix the issue. Make sure to test the LED with a battery to ensure that it’s working.

  1. Arduino Motion Detector Alarm System

Motion detector alarm system is the kind of project you can work with if you want to challenge yourself. In this project, you will hear the sound of an alarm when there’s a motion in front of the sensor. For this project, you need:

  • Arduino board

  • Bread board

  • Piezo buzzer

  • Ultrasonic ping sensor

You can research how to work with the sensor. This sensor typically acts as a distance sensor and will send a pulse when it detects something close to it. You can create a code to sound the buzzer when the sensor output is high. The piezo buzzer gives out a sharp sound to indicate the movement in front of the sensor.

You can even use this project to protect secret stuff of yours from the prying eyes of your siblings!

  1. Arduino Alarm Clock

In this project, we use an LCD screen to display the current time and use an alarm system as an alarm clock. To construct this project, you will need:

  • Arduino

  • Push buttons

  • Buzzer

  • Resistors

  • RTC module

  • LCD display

The RTC module is the Real-Time Clock (RTC) that is generally used for clocks and calendars. The clock will show hours, minutes and seconds. You need a 3C battery to operate this clock in case of loss of power supply.

You can create a code to set the alarm with the push buttons. As you push the button, you can incrementally change the hours, then the minutes and then the seconds. Once the set button is pressed, your alarm is set!

  1. Arduino Light Sensor

This is again a simple project to generate an output at the presence of light. We will use a light sensor for this project. The other main items needed are:

  • Arduino board

  • LDR

  • Resistor

  • Buzzer

LDR is the Light Dependent Resistor that changes its resistance depending on the intensity of light. As the intensity of the light increases, the resistance decreases and allows the flow of current. So, this enables the buzzer to sound. You can create a simple code to implement this concept.

Are you ready to begin creating your project on the Arduino Starter Kit? You can never know until you try it! So, purchase an Arduino Starter Kit and explore the interesting world of Arduino.

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