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Bathroom Renovation Made Easy: A Checklist

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Is it hard to renovate a bathroom?

The unknown answer to this question might hold a lot of people back from renovating and updating their bathrooms. But it’s so awesome to have a new bathroom!

Plus, when you hire an experienced contractor to handle the renovation, it’s super simple. Check out this easy checklist for bathroom renovation to help you get started.

1. Set Your Budget

The cost of renovating your bathroom varies widely. It depends on how much of your original bathroom you will keep, the types of fixtures you install, and, in general, how luxurious you want to get.

So, you need to figure out how much you want to spend on your bathroom renovation. A simple renovation can be quite cost-effective, but if you want to add some luxury items the price tag is going to go up.

That doesn't mean you can't enjoy an amazing bathroom on a budget. However, it does mean you should carefully pick and choose the elements for your bathroom. Splurging a little on one or two items can really elevate the look of your bathroom.

2. Plan the Renovation

With your target budget in mind, now it's time to make your plan. Do you want to add additional space to your bathroom or put the toilet in its own room? You might need to get a permit for that.

How about the lighting? Perhaps you want to add more electrical task lighting. Or you might want to enlarge an existing window or put in a new one.

Pick out your colour scheme as well. Think about what style fixtures would go well with that colour scheme and produce the vibe you want.

3. Hire a Contractor

This might be the most important step and your bathroom renovation. It is vital to choose an experienced contractor to handle your bathroom renovation in Adelaide.

They will let you know about anything you’ve missed (such as permits) or offer suggestions based on experience. Plus, you can expect a job well done.

4. Pick Out Fixtures

Again, based on the overall look you're going for, pick out your fixtures. Do you want to switch out your tub for a shower or vice versa? Maybe you want rustic tapware for the sink. Or maybe you want to splurge and get one of those waterfall shower heads for your shower.

Whatever you choose, make sure to pick out quality products that will last for years.

5. Put on the Finishing Touches

Your contractor will take care of most of the heavy lifting. This includes:

  • * Demolition

  • * Electrical and plumbing rough-in

  • * Plastering the walls

  • * Installing the tile/flooring

  • * Installing the fixtures

  • * Waterproofing the room

Once they’ve finished, you get to add your personal touch. Hang up your favourite mirror, add a couple of shelves, and display your favourite painting in a prominent location.

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