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Too Many Assignments Are Bad for Students

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It’s no secret that students face a lot of assignments both on the campus and at home. Many students criticize the number of academic tasks and duties assigned every day. They claim that too many assignments negatively reflect on their personal life and health. Perhaps, educators are wrong and should be blamed for the excess of tasks? Let’s delve deeper into this matter and figure out the truth.

Problems on a school level

Schoolers work more than they are supposed to. Even the first- and second-graders work in excess. The National Education Association recommends working only 10 minutes at home to accomplish homework assignments. Nonetheless, this recommendation is impossible because of a great workload. A study carried out by the American Journal of Family Therapy in 2015 proved that blame. Over 1,000 participated in it. The study showed that schoolers work not less than 28 minutes after classes. Moreover, kids who attend kindergartens spend 25 minutes on homework every night. In the meanwhile, there is a strict rule, which demands to never do any assignments after kindergarten.

Frontiers in Psychology also conducted its own research. It involved 128 students from two high schools. Too many assignments negatively affected their physical and mental health. The main problems are:

  • Chronic stress;

  • Quick tiredness;

  • An inability to concentrate for long;

  • A loss of interest in studies;

  • Emotional exhaustion;

  • Alcohol and/or drug intake, etc.

Students of colleges and universities face these and some other problems. The matter is actually dangerous.

Difficulties in general

It’s worth mentioning general negative manifestations for students of all grades and educational institutions. One should take into account three major criteria. They are:

  1. Health. First of all, youngsters and their parents get alarmed because of poor health. The main issue is stress. The University of Stanford conducted research, which showed dissatisfactory outcomes. 70% of students experienced some mental deviations and lowered concentration. 56% of the surveyed people claimed that the stress factor was the root of all mental and physical problems. As a result, students begin to suffer from other health deviations. Amongst such are frequent headaches, a lowered appetite, weight loss, sleep disturbance, etc.

  2. Social life. Most youngsters don’t have enough time in their private life. They are deprived of the most precious hours, which could be spent with their families, beloved, and friends. Instead, they spend sleepless nights to complete their tasks.

  3. Academic progress. Most educators mistakenly believe that a great number of assignments will teach students more. In reality, young people may even fully refuse to accomplish their tasks. They are burnt out and have no strengthens to continue such a difficult routine from day to day. As they lack energy and enthusiasm, they cannot complete many assignments. As a result, they lose many grades and fall behind the program.

These three categories plainly reflect the current problems of students. It’s obvious that educational institutions and the US government ought to reconsider the workload. Students are burdened with tasks, which cannot match the real strengthens of simple people. It’s better to assign fewer assignments but make their quality higher. Thus, students will develop the required skills without paying their health to acquire knowledge and experience.

Measures to withstand the pressure

Unfortunately, students cannot simply say “I have no strengths and time to manage every assignment”. They must fulfill their duties. Luckily, it’s possible to undertake some measures to avoid the negative consequences of overworking. Consider the following prompts:

  • Make a plain schedule. Sometimes, a reasonable plan is what a student needs. Many of them have a messy plan about what to do next. Making a schedule will help to organize their tasks and save precious time. Besides, they won’t forget about any of the tasks and duties.

  • Prioritize your aims. If you schedule your working hours, obligatorily prioritize them. Divide them into three main categories, which are the most important/urgent, moderately important, and unimportant. Focus on the assignments, which really matter.

  • Use writing assistance. Due to excess in assignments, students actively use special paper writing companies. It’s a wise step because they help to take off some burden. You may order help from time to time. Thus, you may complete the most difficult assignments and have more energy and free time for other necessities. For example, students want to hire a writer from It’s a professional and trustworthy writing resource. The company offers the help of experienced and skilled writers. They are able to match the highest standards of any educational institution. Besides, experts are very fast and save heaps of precious time.

  • Ask someone to help. Don’t forget about your parents and clever friends. If you feel your homework is overwhelming, ask to help. Thus, they can unload a bit of your academic burden and provide you some time to restore your energy.

  • Find educational websites. Make use out of educational resources available on the Internet. There are numerous websites, which offer various learning articles, guides, textbooks, to-do lists, and so on. Besides, you’re free to attend different events like webinars, workshops, discussions, etc. They are devoted to various aspects of learning and help students to manage their assignments faster and easier.

Under the condition, your student’s life is overwhelming remember our list of prompts. Using at least several recommendations, you’ll sufficiently ease your burden. Thus, you won’t be exhausted and spend time only on your studies.


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